Evaluation Training


Evaluation Management Training in Latin America (28 March - 1 April 2011).

Evaluation Management Training in Panama City (28-29 March 2011)

The two day training on Evaluation Management was built upon previous trainings delivered by IEU as well as the Integrated Programming Workshop held at UNODC HQ in February 2011.

Evaluation Management Training in Lima (31 March-1 April 2011)

In order to address the project management cycle as a whole and to reaffirm the transversal position of evaluation, as well as in order to deliver IEU's training in a corporate approach, the training included curricula from the Strategic Planning Unit (SPU) as well as Quality Control and Oversight Unit (QCOU) concepts related to Project/Programme Planning and Project Monitoring. It was tailored to UNODC Project Managers in the field engaged in evaluation, integrated programming and implementation.

Brief Summary: Evaluation Management Training in Latin America 28 March-1 April 2011




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