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This section offers all resources for the evaluation-process, covering norms and standards, evaluation policy, guidance for Project Managers as well as the evaluation handbook. 


This section includes the UNODC Evaluation Handbook, detailing the evaluation-process as well as a practical guide ... more

  This section includes all UNODC norms, tools, templates, guidelines, etc. for the whole evaluation-process. ...more

This section includes guidance for Project and Programme Managers relating to the evaluation-process in UNODC. ... more

  This section guides through every step of the evaluation-process. ...more

 This section provides the full UNODC Evaluation Policy. ...more   This section provides information of the role of evaluation in different stages of the project/programme cycle. ...more

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In case you are interested in working for IES as evaluator, you may refer to " Work with us"

You may also refer to " What is evaluation?" for further information

  Please refer to " Why do we evaluate" for information on the the vital role of evaluation.


  UNODC Evaluation Handbook  

"Evaluation Handbook - Guidance for designing, conducting and using independent evaluation at UNODC"


Full evaluation Handbook

Chapters 1-3 (overall context for evaluation) here

Chapters 4-6 (guide for project/programme manager and evaluators) here

Chapter 7 (practical guide to carry out a high quality evaluation) here