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IEU Independent Project Evaluations 2012


  • GLO/T63 Support to Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform ( Text)
  • XAS/T17 Development of effective law enforcement responses to violence against women in the Southern Africa region (Text)

Health and Livelihoods (Drugs and HIV)

  • VIE/H68 Technical Assistance to Treatment and Rehabilitation at Institutional and Community Level and VNM/J04 Drug Abuse and HIV Prevention among Ethnic Minorities in Northwest Viet Nam ( Text)
  • XAM/T15 Support to South Africa's Victim Empowerment Programme ( Text)

Countering Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking 

  • TAJ/H03 Tajikistan Drug Control Agency (DCA), Phase 2 ( Text)
  • VNM/S65 Strengthening of the legal and law Enforcement Institutions in Preventing and Combating Money Laundering in Viet Nam ( Text)
  • GLO/565 INCB Databank for Precursor Control ( Text)
  • RER/F23 Strengthening Drug Law Enforcement Capacities in Data & Information Collection ( Text)
  • CPVS28 Anti-organized crime and counter-narcotics enforcement in Cape Verde Project (ANTRAF) ( Text)
  • XLA/K04 Prevention of the diversion of drugs precursors in the Latin American and Caribbean Region ( Text)( Text)
  • XCA/S26 Proyecto Regional contra la Trata de Personas y el Tráfico Ilícito de Migrantes ( Text)
  • XAS/S69 Capacity building for Member States of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in the ratification and the implementation of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its two first additional Protocols ( Text)
  • NGA/S84 Capacity Building for NAPTIP's Implementation of the Action Plan against Human Trafficking ( Text)
  • GLOT32 Global Programme for Strengthening the Capacities of Member States to Prevent and Combat Organized and Serious Crimes (GPTOC) ( Text)


  • NGA/T97 Partnership in Bayelsa Expenditure and Income Transparency Initiative (BEITI) and Judicial Integrity Action Programme (JIA) ( Text)