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IEU Independent Project Evaluations 2010

Health and Livelihoods (Drugs and HIV)

  • RAC/I29 Effective HIV prevention and care among vulnerable populations in Central Asia and Azerbaijan (2006-2010) ( Text )
  • AFG/I87 Strengthening Provincial Capacity for Drug Control ( Text)
  • RAS/I09 Strengthening Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care for Drug Abusers in Custodial and Community Settings ( Text)
  • GLO/C54 Establishing a global network of youth programmes for drug prevention ( Text)
  • PAK/I33 Drug Abuse Treatment and HIV/AIDS Prevention for Street Children with Solvent Abuse Problems in Karachi and Lahore ( Text )
  • IRN/I55 Nationwide drug prevention measures in Iran IRN/157 Advocacy and regional cooperation in drug demand reduction ( Text)
  • HON/H88 Programas Especiales de Empleo para la Inserción Socio-Laboral de Jóvenes en Situactión de Riesgo de Desintegración Psicosocial ( Text )
  • RAS/I13 Improving Access for Young People with ATS Abuse to Effective Treatment ( Text )

Countering Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking

  • TKM/I78 Strengthening border control along the Turkmen-Afghan border in particular at Iman-Nazar checkpoint ( Text)
  • IRN/I50 and I53 Cluster Evaluation of the UNODC Iran Drug Supply Reduction Projects ( Text)
  • RER/F43 Assistance in Developing Controlled led Delivery Techniques ( Text)
  • SRB/T82 Strengthening the Enforcement Capacity of the Serbian Customs Administration (Text)


  • AFG/R87 Prison System Reform in Afghanistan Extension to the Provinces ( Text )
  • AFG/T21 Developing Post-Release Opportunities for Women and Girls Prisoners Extension to the Provinces ( Text)
  • IRN/S12 Improvement of Iranian Legislative and Judicial capacity to tackle Organized Crime and Money Laundering and promotion of Mutual Legal Assistance ( Text)
  • PSE/T49 Strengthening the management, operation and oversight of civil prisons administered by the Palestinian Authority - Phase 1: Rule of Law ( Text)


  • AFG/R86 Strengthening Anti-Corruption Measures in Afghanistan ( Text)
  • KGZ/T16 Creating Demand for Accountability in Kyrgyzstan through the General Prosecutor's Office ( Text )
  • NGA/S08 Support to the Economic and Financial Crisis Commission (EFCC) and the Nigerian Judiciary ( Text), ( Appendix J), ( Appendix K)


Independent External Evaluation Post-Opium Surpass Poverty Project Oudomxay Province, Lao PDR ( Text )