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IEU Independent Project Evaluations 2013

Health and Livelihoods (Drugs and HIV)

  • RAF/G66 Implementation of drug demand reduction components of national action plans in West Africa ( Text)
  • AFG/H09, AFG/G68, AFG/H87 Cluster evaluation of drug demand reduction projects in Afghanistan ( Text)

Countering Transnational Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking

  • RER/F60 Computer-based drug law enforcement training in the countries of Central Asia, Caucasus and Afghanistan ( Text)
  • KAZ/176 Strengthening drug and related crime control in measures in selected checkpoints in Kazakhstan ( Text)
  • XSP/X65 Strengthening Operational Law Enforcement Capacity to Prevent and Combat Maritime Migrant Smuggling in South East Asia ( Text)
  • ALB/G70 Strengthening of Enhanced Capacities for Border Control and Criminal Justice Response towards illicit Trafficking and Organized Crime in Albania ( Text)
  • TKM/J92 Strengthening border control along the Turkmen-Uzbek border, in particular at Farap checkpoint ( Text)
  • ZAF/T54 Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacity (Border Control Operations) and Criminal Justice Response to Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Person ( Text)


  • ZAF/S15 Establishment of One-Stop Centres to Counteract Violence against Women in Pretoria and Vryburg ( Text)
  • PSE/X21 Strengthening the Management of the Palestinian Penitentiary System and the Rehabilittaion of Inmates in Civil Prisons Administered by the Palestinian Authority (phase II) (Text)

Policy Support

  • GLO/U68 Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations in Africa to Combat Corruption and Contribute to the UNCAC Review Process. Looking Beyond: Towards a Strategic Engagement with Civil Society on Anti-Corruption, and Drugs and Crime Prevention ( Text)

Cluster evaluation

  • Independent Project Cluster Evaluations of the Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Health and Livelihood in Afghanistan:
    • Summary Report for the Independent Project Cluster Evaluations ( Text)
    • Independent Project Evaluation of the Law Enforcement Cluster ( AFG/I77, AFG/I85, AFG/J43, AFG/J55) ( Text)
    • Independent Project Evaluation of the Criminal Justice Cluster ( AFG/R86, AFG/R87, AFG/T03) ( Text)
    • Independent Project Evaluation of the Health and Livelihood Cluster ( AFG/I87 ) ( Text)