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IEU In-depth Evaluations 2014


Final In-Depth Evaluation of the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT; GLOS83) (June 2014)


Evaluation Brief

Please also see the Mid-term In-Depth evaluation Report of UN.GIFT (2011)

In-Depth Evaluation of the UNODC Global Programme on HIV/AIDS 2008-2012 (April 2014)

Evaluation Report


Evaluation Brief

In-depth Evaluation of the Country Programme Promoting the Rule of Law and Public Health in Pakistan (2010-2015), (April 2014)

Evaluation Brief

In-depth Evaluation of the Country Programme of the Islamic Republic of Iran (2011-2015)

Evaluation Report

In-depth Evaluation of the Country Programme Bolivia (2014)

Evaluation Report (English Ex. Summary; Spanish main body of the text)

Evaluation Brief (English)

Evaluation Brief (Spanish)




Initially designed as an In-depth Evaluation (IDE) of the Afghanistan Country Programme, the IDE could not take place due to security and administrative constraints. At the risk of not undertaking a mid-term evaluation at all, there remained a short window of opportunity for the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU) to adapt and devise a dedicated methodology for a programme of this scope: the Programme Participatory Self-Evaluation (PPSE) methodology.

Programme Participatory Self-Evaluation of the Country Programme Afghanistan (2012-2015)

Evaluation Executive Summary

Evaluation Brief

The full report will be made available upon request. Please send a request to IEU.


Final In-Depth Evaluation of the Legal Advisory Programme (GLO/900)

As the evaluators were only able to provide for a partial deliverable but not a final evaluation report in line with UNODC and UNEG Evaluation Norms and Standards, a decision was taken not to publish the report but only to provide for an Evaluation Brief:

Evaluation Brief


Mid-term In-depth Evaluation of the Afghan Opiate Trade Project


This evaluation report was invalidated by an internal investigation and is therefore not publicly available anymore. A new independent evaluation for the Afghan Opiate Trade Project will be planned in line with UNODC Evaluation Norms and Standards.