UNODC is a global leader in the struggle against illicit drugs and transnational organized crime. It is committed to achieving health, security and justice for all by tackling such global threats, and by delivering legal and technical assistance to prevent terrorism.

As a Cosponsor of the United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS ( UNAIDS), UNODC is the convening agency for addressing HIV prevention, treatment, care and support among: 


  1. People who use drugs and
  2. People living and working in prison settings.


In partnership with national and international partners, including the civil society organisations and other UNAIDS cosponsors, UNODC assists  countries to achieve universal access to comprehensive,  evidence-informed, public health-oriented and human rights-centered HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services for people who use drugs and for people who live and work in prison settings.


In both areas of its HIV mandate, UNODC provides technical assistance in the form of:


  • Targeted advocacy to reduce stigma and discrimination and to promote gender and age responsive HIV approaches to drug use, criminal justice and treatment of prisoners.
  • Technical assistance in reviewing, adapting, developing and implementing effective legislation and policies, which facilitate evidence-informed HIV interventions for both key populations.
  • Support in developing and disseminating comprehensive and evidence-informed normative tools and guidelines.
  • Enhanced assistance to develop and implement strategies and programmes which ensure equitable access to HIV services, including for women who use drugs, women in prisons and their accompanying children, by addressing their special needs and implementing tailor-made services on the ground.