People vulnerable to human trafficking (PVHT)

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing transnational organized crimes

UNODC's assists countries in providing people vulnerable to human trafficking , particularly women and girls, with comprehensive, gender-sensitive, HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care in countries of origin and destination. The Office encourages countries to set in place large-scale awareness and advocacy campaigns on the nature and extent of trafficking in persons and the related HIV risks and response , and assists in development and delivery of training for law enforcement, criminal justice and victim support professionals in good practice responses to HIV/AIDS in the context of human trafficking. Read more ...


Publications on PVHT

Projects in the field

Toolkit to Combat Trafficking in Persons

(2nd edition, October 2008)

Human Trafficking and HIV: Exploring Vulnerabilities and Responses in South Asia

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Rani: a compassionate and unwavering advocate for freedom from slavery and human trafficking

25 October 2010 - Rani along with her husband Trong Hong started the Tronie Foundation in the United States of America to support survivors of human trafficking, motivated by their own experience of having survived and escaped human trafficking in their early childhood. Read more ...