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Publications on HIV and Prison Settings



Manual of Environmental Interventions for Tuberculosis Control in Prisons


Analysis of HIVAIDS response in penitentiary system of Ukraine


Opioid Substitution Treatment in Custodial Settings. A Practical Guide


Policy brief. HIV prevention, treatment and care in prisons and other closed settings: a comprehensive package of interventions. UNODC,ILO,UNDP,WHO,UNAIDS

WHO UNODC 2011. Checklist. Womens health in prison

Female Drug Use in Pakistan: Mapping Estimates, Ethnographic Results & Behaviourial Assessment

HIV in prisons: Situation and needs assessment toolkit

From Coercion to Cohesion: Treating drug dependence through health care, not punishment

Posters: HIV/AIDS in Prisons

Africa Declaration of Commitment for HIV and AIDS Prevention Care, Treatment and Support in Prisons in Africa

The Madrid Recommendation

Protocol on Assessing Drug Use and HIV in Prison Settings

Análisis Comparado sobre VIH/Sida en los Sistemas Penitenciarios de El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua y Panamá

Diagnostico rapido sobre VIH/SIDA en los sistemas penitenciarios de Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala y Republica Dominicana

A Rapid Situation Assessment of HIV/STI/TB and Drug Abuse among Prisoners in Uganda Prisons Service


Policy Brief: HIV testing and counselling in prisons and other closed settings

Technical paper for HIV testing and counselling in prisons and other closed settings

Women's Health in Prison: Correcting gender inequity in prison health

HIV and AIDS in places of detention: A toolkit for policymakers, programme managers, prison officers and health care providers in prison settings

UNODC/UNAIDS Publication on Women and HIV in Prison Settings

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Treatment, and Support in Prison Settings. A Framework for an Effective National Response

Policy brief: Reduction of HIV transmission in prisons

HIV and Prisons in sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunity for action

Evidence for Action Technical Papers - Intervention to address HIV in prisons


Drug Dependence Treatment: Interventions for drug users in prison


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Other publications on HIV and Prison Settings

UNAIDS - Prison and AIDS (pdf)

WHO Guidelines on HIV Infection and AIDS in Prison


World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe - Prisons and health


Other UNODC related publications on Criminal Justice Management

Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit (pdf)

Handbook on Prisoners with Special Needs (pdf)

Handbook for Prison Managers and Policymakers on Women and Imprisonment

Handbook of Basic Principles and Promising Practices on Alternatives to Imprisonment

Publications on HIV and Drug Use

UNAIDS World AIDS Day report 2011


India: Psychosocial care for women in shelter homes - a dire need for trafficking survivors


Women who inject drugs

We can protect drug users from becoming infected with HIV

Consensus Statement of the Reference Group to the United Nations on HIV and Injecting Drug Use 2010

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care for Female Injecting Drug Users

Women and Drug Abuse: The problem in India

The Global Epidemiology of Methamphetamine Injection: A review of the evidence on use and associations with HIV and other harm

Benefits and Risks of Pharmaceutical Opioids: essential treatment and diverted medication


HIV Prevention among Young Injecting Drug Users

Technical Guide for countries to set targets for universal access to HIV prevention, treatment and care for injecting drug users (pdf)

Policy Guidelines for Collaborative TB and HIV Services for Injecting and other Drug Users: an integrated approach (pdf)

Guide to starting and Managing Needle and Syringe Programmes (pdf)

A "Step-by-Step" Algorithm for the Procurement of Controlled Substances for Drug Substitution Treatment (pdf)

Advocacy guide: HIV/AIDS prevention among injecting drug users (pdf)

Position paper: Substitution maintenance therapy in the management of opioid dependence and HIV/AIDS prevention (pdf)

Policy Brief: Reduction of HIV Transmission through Drug-Dependence Treatment (pdf)

Policy Brief: Provision of Sterile Injecting Equipment to Reduce HIV Transmission (pdf)

Policy Brief: Reduction of HIV Transmission through Outreach (pdf)

Policy Brief: Antiretroviral therapy and injecting drug users (pdf)

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Other publications on HIV and Drug Use

Policy and programming guide for HIV/AIDS prevention and care among injecting drug users (pdf)

Training Guide for HIV Prevention Outreach to Injecting Drug Users (pdf)

Evidence for Action: Effectiveness of Community-Based Outreach in Preventing HIV/AIDS among Injecting Drug Users (WHO) (pdf)

Evidence for Action: Effectiveness of sterile needle and syringe programming in reducing HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users (WHO) (pdf)

Rapid Assessment and Response Guide on Injecting Drug Use (IDU-RAR) (pdf)

Rapid Assessment and Response Guide on Substance Use and Sexual Risk Behaviour (SEX-RAR) (pdf)

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Publications on HIV and PVHT

UNAIDS Guidance Note on HIV and Sex Work

Human Trafficking and HIV: Exploring Vulnerabilities and Responses in South Asia

Caring for Trafficked Persons: Guidance for health providers

Sex Works, HIV/AIDS, and Human Rights: In Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Migration Gone Wrong: Linkages between trafficking and HIV

From Challenges to Opportunities: Responses to trafficking and HIV/Aids in South Asia

No Safety Signs Here: Research study on migration and HIV vulnerability from seven South and North East Asian countries

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Other Relevant UN Documents

WHO E-library

UNAIDS-AIDS Epidemic Update

The UNAIDS 2009 AIDS Epidemic Update reports on the latest developments in the global AIDS epidemic. The 2009 edition provides the most recent estimates of the AIDS epidemic and explores new findings and trends in the epidemic's evolution.

2009 AIDS Epidemic Update Regional summaries are also available for each region of the world in English, French, Spanish and Russian languages.

Regional Summaries are available on the UNAIDS website for:

Other documents

Intensifying HIV Prevention, UNAIDS policy position paper (pdf)

UNAIDS Technical Support Division of Labour (pdf)

Global Task Team on Improving AIDS Coordination Among Multilateral Institutions and International Donors (pdf)

New Data on Male Circumcision and HIV Prevention: Policy and Programme Implications (pdf)

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