World AIDS Day 2012

Thank you, colleagues of Vienna based organizations!


This year's World Aids Day campaign resulted in a high participation from the Vienna International Centre community. We had a record staff participation in all activities and a very successful fundraising. Over 6,500 Euro were raised due to the generous contribution of the UN staff. The funds were donated to the Buddy Verein and AIDS-Hilfe, two Austrian non-governmental volunteer organizations supporting people with HIV.

Red ribbons were distributed throughout the day and materials on various HIV themes, including information about stigma in the workplace by UNcares, were placed throughout the building. Free HIV testing and condom distribution were carried out by the medical service and highly appreciated by staff members.

During lunch hour there was a screening of the BBC documentary "HIV and Me" in which Stephen Fry investigates the world of HIV and AIDS today. Continuous slideshows and short movies from UNODC and UNAIDS were screened so that colleagues in Vienna could learn about projects on HIV prevention, treatment and care for most at-risk groups.

A large red ribbon was projected on the building, which has been made possible through a generous donation from United Nations Federal Credit Union. People who glanced out of their office windows, out of the trains and passed by in their cars, were able to see the projection and commemorate the day.

The UNODC HIV/AIDS team would like to thank all colleagues in Vienna for their engagement in the World AIDS Day activities and for their donations. We would like to express also our appreciation to the United Nations Federal Credit Union, Ströck - Brot GmbH and Rezac High Power Projection for their support.