World AIDS Day 2011 commemorated across the world

Vienna, 1 December 2010 the 22nd anniversary of World AIDS Day. The theme for this year is "Universal Access and Human Rights". Commemorating World AIDS Day, a red ribbon illuminated the building of the UNODC office in Vienna to remember those lost to AIDS and to emphasize the importance of human rights for people living with HIV and people at risk of infection.

Full Statement from UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov on the occasion of the World AIDS Day 2010.

World AIDS Day in Vienna 2011

At the beginning of the day, UN colleagues were greeted with baked goods and red ribbons. The ribbons were distributed throughout the day and donations were collected for local organizations which work in the area of HIV and AIDS. Information tables were set up to provide pamphlets from organizations in Vienna that deal with HIV and AIDS.

Material on various themes that the HIV Section at UNODC deals with as well as information about stigma in the workplace by UNcares were placed throughout the building. Free HIV testing and condom demonstrations and distributions, performed by the medical service were highly appreciated by staff members.

In addition there was a screening of the movie "Into the Lights" during the lunch hour. The movie touched upon various topics, such as stigma, AIDS orphans, HIV testing and treatment in Tanzania. Though sad, it was nonetheless uplifting, reminding the audience that we have achieved much throughout these 30 years of HIV and AIDS and that there is much still to be done. Continuous slideshows and short movies from UNAIDS and UNcares were also screened throughout the building so that those who did not attend the "Into the Lights" screening could still learn about HIV and AIDS issues with minimum time commitment.

A red ribbon projection on the Vienna International Centre building, which has been made possible due to a generous donation from UNFCU, culminated the World Aids Day activities. People who glanced out their office windows, out of the trains and passed by in their cars, were able to see the projection and commemorate the day. This year's World Aids Day awareness campaign resulted in a high participation from the Vienna International Centre community, and we had ground breaking record for fundraising and a lot of participations in all activities.

World AIDS Day in Bangkok

Under the theme 'Getting to Zero', UNODC was involved in a number of World AIDS Day activities in Bangkok, coordinated by UNAIDS Regional Support Team and the Social Division of UN ESCAP, in collaboration with the UNAIDS Thailand Country Office... Read More

World AIDS Day in India

The training manual 'Reaching out to female sex partners of injecting drug users was launched in 1 December 2011'. The manual was recently produced for the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), Government of India with support from UNODC. The manual highlights the need to reach out to female partners of injecting drug users, as they form a group that is extremely vulnerable to HIV and is often inadequately covered by programmatic interventions... Read More

World AIDS Day Cambodia

The events of the World AIDS Day were celebrated in Cambodia, as every year, and with very good reasons given the singular and steady achievements in this particular area. Indeed Cambodia is well on its way to achieve the Millennium Development Goals 6 by 2015... Read More

World AIDS Day in Central Asia

Representatives from parliament, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Border, UNODC and the state Anti-Drug Committee in Azerbaijan sat in the same room, participating in intense discussions on December 12, 2011... Read More

World AIDS Day in Egypt

UNODC in cooperation with UNAIDS goodwill ambassador Menna Shalaby organized a radio program on both English and Arabic radio stations on December 1st. Discussion about HIV and drug use, and the availability of Harm reduction programs were fostered... Read More.

World AIDS Day in Indonesia

UNODC in collaboration with the National Aids Commission organized a advocacy campaign on the compound of the House of Representative in Indonesia. Referencing the international theme of "Getting to Zero: Zero new infections. Zero discrimination. Zero aids-related deaths," this one day campaign theme was "Understanding HIV from multi perspective."... Read More

World AIDS Day in Iran

In collaboration with the Drug Control Headquarters (DCHQ), UNODC organized a ceremony to commemorate World AIDS Day on the 3rd of December 2011 in Shaghayegh Cultural Complex in Tehran. Worldwide, the theme of World AIDS Day this year was: "Zero new HIV infections, Zero discrimination, and Zero AIDS related deaths by 2015". UNODC is striving on the global level for zero new HIV infections among drug users and in closed settings, including prisons... Read More

World AIDS Day in Moldova

On World AIDS Day UNODC Moldova project office jointly with governmental and nongovernmental partners organized a range of events planned a range of awareness raising activities on HIV/AIDS prevention. Care and treatment to prisoners and drug users under International Slogan: "Getting to Zero: Zero new infections. Zero discrimination. Zero aids-related deaths" and National slogan: "Accountable. Involved. Responsible"... Read More