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Call for Proposals

The Trust Fund awards grants up to USD 60,000 to non-governmental organizations within the context of providing tangible support to victims of human trafficking. Non-governmental organizations providing direct assistance to victims of human trafficking, from all over the world, are invited to submit project proposals, provided that they fulfilled the eligibility criteria for the call, as set out in the Guidelines for the Small Grants Facility's.

In its first grant cycle (2011-2014), 11 NGOs from across the globe were selected and awarded grants for up to three years, totalling US$ 750,000. In the second call for proposals, launched in 2014, grants were disbursed to 23 NGOs totalling US$ 1.25 million for projects providing tangible assistance to victims over a three-year cycle ending in 2017. In 2018, within the third round, Proposals with budgets ranging from minimum USD 20,000 to maximum USD 60,000 have be considered for award. The duration of projects have to range from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 24 months. The priority of the third call for proposals will focus on projects assisting victims coming out of a context of armed conflict and those identified among large movements of refugees and migration flows.


The main objectives of the UN Trust Fund Call for Proposals are:

1. To provide essential assistance and protection to victims of trafficking in persons, in particular from the identification phase until their legal status has been resolved.

2. To provide direct and effective access to essential services and remedies for victims of trafficking in persons, with an emphasis on assistance delivery by grassroots organizations, including, but not limited to, shelter, food, medical care, legal aid, access to justice, and psychosocial support.


Each Call for Proposals focus on an area of activities. For the Call for Proposals of 2017, the following indicative activities have be given priority:

  • Identification of victims of trafficking amongst migrants and refugees;
  • Access to legal advice and legal representation aimed at securing legal status in the host country for the victim;
  • Essential advice on the victim's rights and to claim access to remedies, including compensation or similar aid packages from national governments;
  • Provision of shelter;
  • Provision of psycho-social support;
  • Provision of essential medical assistance;
  • Assistance to obtain access to justice, legal advice and assistance including for victims to act as witnesses in court cases;
  • Assistance with family reunification and repatriation, based on the full consent of the victim.



2017 Call for Proposals

Please note that the 2017 Call for Proposals is closed

2014 Call for Proposals

Funded Projects of the 2014 Call for Proposals  

2011 Call for Proposals

Funded Projects of the 2011 Call for Proposals

Other Funding Sources

The UN Voluntary Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery is managed by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. More information on the fund can be found here...


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