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According to the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children: "Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, ... the removal of organs".  Trafficking in Persons for the Removal of Organs (TPRO) includes the removal of organs as an end purpose of trafficking. TPRO occurs across the globe and may be stepped up with the increase of transplant practices and poor regulation on these practices. For instance, the issue of forced removal of organs in the context of trafficking in persons and migrant smuggling in North-Eastern Africa gained renewed international attention in July 2016. The investigation revealed that Eritrean migrants, who had been kidnapped along the route to North Africa and who were unable to pay ransoms, were killed to remove their organs. The organs were then sold for around US$15,000.




Coalition for Organ Failure Solutions

Egypt/India   l  20 000 $ Contribution  l  2014-2017

Intervention: Given that not all the States do yet fulfil their obligations to recognize TPRO as a human rights abuse and a form of human trafficking, most of the victims are neither identified and recognized as trafficked persons, nor granted assistance, remedies or access to justice.  Key Objectives:  Within the Project 'Victim's Assistance: Rescue, Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration of Victims of Human Trafficking' funded by the UN Trust Fund, Coalition for Organ-Failure Solutions (COFS) seeks to identify and assist victims of commercial removal of their organs, either directly with medical and/or legal aid, and/or indirectly, with other relevant assistance. In addition, COFS intends to raise awareness about TPRO abuses.  Achievements:  COFS delivered victim-assistance services to 274 victims of TPRO, and provided them with over 300 services. Each victims identified in Egypt and India have been explained that they are 'victims of a crime'. COFS encouraged the victims to tell the importance of prevention of the  Trafficking in Persons for the Removal of Organs and has documented the long-term medical, economic and psycho-social consequences that victims have experienced after the commercial removal of their organs (mostly kidneys).



Recent News


UNVTF Brochure

The brochure highlights the action line, the work and achievements of the UN Trust Fund and showcases the progress of the projects funded through the  second Call for Proposals Cycle.


UNVTF 2018 Side event at the CCPCJ focus on  Assisting Women and Girls. Good Practices from France and Côte d'Ivoire, in cooperation with the French Permanent Mission.

Call for Proposals

On-going programme awards multi-year grants to specialized non-governmental organizations around the world that provide critical assistance to victims of human trafficking.

World Day 30 July

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime organizes its annual Giving Day to End Human Trafficking on the 30th of July 2018 in cooperation with the platform Charidy.com.

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