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        Winners of the 2011 Small Grants Facility    



UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) Trafficking Legal Clinic: CAST is the only non-profit NGO in the Los Angeles area exclusively dedicated to providing services to support victims of trafficking. The goal of the project is to provide comprehensive legal services to empower survivors of trafficking. CAST will also provide technical assistance and training to agencies serving survivors of human trafficking. Over the next 12 months, the NGO aims to increase ongoing support to 60 clients and identify an additional 30 new clients.   

FRANCE - Hors la Rue Separating and Safeguarding Young Victims This project is the first of its kind in France. By addressing the multiple issues surrounding young victims of trafficking, Hors la Rue seeks to effectively remove child victims out of the situation of exploitation. The project aims to help the government of France to better identify child victims of trafficking, provide direct assistance in the form of reintegration care and support through psychological care, medical care, and education.

ALBANIA - Different and Equal (D&E) Providing Sustainable Reintegration Assistance for Albanian Victims of Trafficking: D & E is an Albanian non- profit organization with nearly ten years of grassroots experience in anti-trafficking activities. The objective of this project is to support comprehensive reintegration services for victims of human trafficking from the initial stages where victims are newly liberated through to their full reintegration back into the community. Activities to assist victims include the provision of core services such as food, medical care and accommodation. Trafficking victims are also helped in transitioning toward semiindependent living and ultimately the move toward more autonomy.

MOLDOVA - Institute for Democracy Legal Assistance to Human Trafficking Victims: The Institute for Democracy works with trafficking victims in Moldova, which is the poorest country in Europe and an origin country for trafficking. The project caters to a direct need in Moldova - a lack of a permanent centre for legal assistance to trafficking victims. The project thus aims to provide legal assistance for trafficking victims and establish a hotline that will allow victims of trafficking to call and receive assistance. The Institute for Democracy also aims to produce a publication on Moldovan trafficking legal frameworks.

CZECH REPUBLIC - La Strada The Tree Workers' Case - Strategic Litigation. In 2009 and 2010 several forestry companies employed hundreds of workers in tree planting and other forestry work. Migrant communities originating from different countries (EU as well as non-EU), in Czech Republic were forced to work as slave labourers for the forestry firms. To pave the pathway to justice and to effective remedies for trafficked and exploited individuals, the project will focus on providing direct assistance - legal representation of the aggrieved/trafficked "tree workers". In parallel, La Strada will set up an ongoing media campaign to draw attention to the tree workers case, and deter the exploitation of migrants in the forestry industry.                                                        

COSTA RICA - DNI Costa Rica Improving Protection and Integral Services to Victims of Traffickin g in Central America: DNI Costa Rica has been working to combat human trafficking in Costa Rica and central America for over 17 years. At the national level, DNI Costa Rica's work focuses on prevention and protection for trafficking victims and awareness raising about human trafficking; often, it's work focuses in rural areas and promotes community based strategies for combatting human trafficking. The objective of this project is twofold, and in response to the two primary problems of trafficking in the region; to combat the regional trafficking problem by working to train immigration police and consular bodies in detecting and giving special attention to trafficking victims, and working regionally to promote comprehensive protection for victims.

CAMBODIA - Damnok Toek Direct Assistance for Child Victims and Youth at a High Risk of Being Trafficked: Damnok Toek will utilize the grant received from the Trust Fund to operate its Reception Centre in Poipet to provide a number of vital services to trafficked children. The project will provide direct psychosocial, educational, medical and material assistance to children victims of trafficking who have been deported/repatriated from Bangkok, and children at high risk of being trafficked. In addition, the project will facilitate the reintegration of trafficking victims through family tracing, family assessment and follow-up.

NEPAL - Shakti Samuha Capacity Building, Advocacy & Support for Survivors of Trafficking: This NGO is the first organization in the world formed by trafficking survivors - the Executive Board, general members and almost all staff. It was organized by the initiation of women and girls rescued from the Mumbai brothels, with the objective to support women and girls to lead a dignified life. Shakti Samuha has been advocating against trafficking, creating awareness against trafficking among women and girls at risk, and is involved in skills development and income generation training for rescued victims.

ISRAEL- Hotline for Migrant Workers Combating Trafficking in Persons: The HMW seeks to address the increase in labor trafficking and related offences affecting victims primarily originating from countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Thailand. The organization will offer direct support to victims exploitatively employed as caregivers and in the agricultural sector. This will be achieved through provision of emergency assistance and para-legal representation. The organization will also advocate for the rights of victims to ensure victims are released from detention, acquire health care, are awarded legal status in Israel, and are transferred to shelters or transitional housing.

KENYA - The CRADLE The Children Foundation The Tumaini (Hope) Project for Child Victims of Trafficking: Since 2009 the CRADLE has aimed at lobbying and advocating against child trafficking in Kenya and Africa. This project aims to provide legal and psychosocial support to child victims of trafficking, raise awareness among the Kenyan public of the issues related to child trafficking and children's rights, as well as strengthening the legal framework in Kenya and in Africa with regard to counter trafficking.

NIGERIA - African Centre for Advocacy and Human Development (ACAHD) Providing Economic Empowerment to Victims of Human Trafficking in Nigeria: ACAHD has been at the forefront of working on issues of human trafficking in Nigeria since 2004. The NGO will operate in Ore community, Ondo State, Southern Nigeria. The goal of the project is to provide vocational job training and establish businesses for 20 survivors of human trafficking. The training offered will include motorcycle repairs, tailoring and weaving of hand loomed traditional cloth (Aso-Oke). Overall, this project will equip survivors of human trafficking with skills to become self sufficient, and at the same time provide vital services to the community.