Impact Programme

An example of UNODC's assistance to States in implementing the Protocol is UNODC's Impact Programme which aims to support States in West and North Africa in implementing the Migrant Smuggling Protocol and strengthen criminal justice systems by;

  • Establishing adequate legislative frameworks
  • Building the capacities of law enforcement, prosecution and the judiciary
  • Strengthening international and regional cooperation, and
  • Fostering prevention through raising awareness among relevant authorities and the general public


Migrant Smuggling routes from Africa to Europe

The Impact Programme comprises six components:

  • Data collection and analysis to enhance evidence-based knowledge in order to build a solid basis for policy development and operational measures.
  • Legislative Development to build legal frameworks for prevention, investigation, prosecution and conviction in compliance with the Smuggling of Migrants Protocol.
  • Policy Development and Institutional Capacity Building to establish specialized and coherent frameworks for coordinated action in order to improve criminal justice responses to smuggling of migrants.
  • Human Capacity Building and Training to improve skills of law enforcement, prosecution and the judiciary, to effectively prevent and investigate migrant smuggling, prosecute and convict its perpetrators, and protect and process irregular migrants.
  • Promotion of regional and international cooperation and information sharing to improve operational capacity in investigating and prosecuting smuggling of migrants, with the objective of dismantling networks that organize migrant smuggling.
  • Awareness Raising to sensitize the public at large to the criminality of migrant smuggling, its risks and adverse effects on migrants, states and societies, and to promote commitment and mobilize action to prevent it.

The Impact Programme is being implemented with the financial assistance of the European Union.


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UNODC and Smuggling of Migrants

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