UNODC-CBSS Joint Assessment Report launched

Human Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region: State and Civil Society Cooperation on Victims' Assistance and Protection

31 May 2010

On the 31st May 2010 UNODC and the Council of the Baltic Sea States Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings (CBSS TF-THB) successfully completed the joint "Regional Project on Fostering Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) - Law Enforcement Cooperation in Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking in, from and to the Baltic Sea Region."

Stakeholders targeted through the project activities included anti-trafficking National Coordinators, National Rapporteurs, Law Enforcement Agencies, Immigration Authorities, Labour Inspectorates, Criminal Justice Authorities, and Assistance Service Providers comprising State, civil society representatives and international organizations in the CBSS Member States.

The key component of the project was the research conducted between April and November 2009 that aimed to help lay the foundation for targeted and consistent approaches in the provision of assistance and protection to victims of human trafficking through improved cooperation among State actors and civil society organizations.  The result of the research carried out is the publication of a comprehensive regional assessment report entitled Human Trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region: State and Civil Society Cooperation on Victims Assistance and Protection. The joint report reflects institutionalised mechanisms and work practices that are in place in the CBSS Member States among different stakeholders that provide support and assistance to trafficked persons, identifies shortcomings and obstacles to effective cooperation and formulates recommendations for improved cooperationat at national and regional level.

To download the report, click here.