What do we know about the involvement of organized crime in trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants? An update.

19 May 2010, Vienna, Austria

In May 2010, senior experts met to discuss the study conducted by UNODC in partnership with the Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (Ghent University), on the involvement of organized crime, trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants.

UNODC organized a panel discussion in the margins of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Experts from research institutes, national authorities and UNODC linked their experience to the results of the study. They also presented their views on various avenues to pursue, to continue researching those links between organized crime, trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants.

The discussion was led by a panel composed of:

Ms NATALIA OLLUS: Senior Programme Officer Senior Programme Officer, European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, HEUNI, part of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme.

Ms VITTORIA LUDA DI CORTEMIGLIA: Focal Point on Human Trafficking at the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, UNICRI.

Mr ERIC PANLOUP: Chef d'escadron, Délégation aux victimes, Direction générale de la Gendarmerie Nationale.

Mr FABRIZIO SARRICA: Researcher in the Studies and Threat Analysis Section of UNODC.

Ms ALEXIA TAVEAU (Chair): Associate Crime Prevention Expert for the Anti‐Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Unit of UNODC.

A follow-up side event is foreseen to take place in the margins of the Conference of the Parties in October 2010 to gather additional input and continue the discussion.

Information about the background for the study is available here.

A summary of the presentations and subsequent discussions is available here.

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