Working towards a National Strategy against human trafficking in Tunisia

The 'Workshop in view of the development of a National Strategy against Trafficking in Persons in Tunisia' was held for members of the Tunisian Temporary National Commission against Trafficking in Persons to support them in drafting a National Strategy against trafficking. It was delivered in coordination with the Tunisian Ministry of Justice, under UNODC's Global Programme against Trafficking in Persons and the Regional Office for the Middle-East and North Africa's project on Strengthening the Framework of the Arab Region to Prevent and Combat Human Trafficking.

Organized in response to a request by the Tunisian authorities in the framework of the ongoing cooperation between UNODC and Tunisia to combat trafficking in persons, the workshop was attended by 19 members of the Tunisian Temporary National Commission alongside representatives from Tunisian civil society organisations and IOM.

The participants first  agreed on six strategic areas of intervention to be covered by the National Strategy, and then, following the creation of a methodology, worked in groups to develop strategic goals, strategic objectives and indicators for each of the areas identified. The task ended with a debriefing and refining of the  proposed strategic goals and objectives in plenary, which ultimately led to the production of a solid first draft of the strategy. 

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