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  • 21/11/2008
    Migrant Smuggling A deadly business
  • 21/11/2008
    UNODC Smuggling of Migrants

    UNODC, as the guardian the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) and the Protocols thereto, assists States in their efforts to implement the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air (Migrants Protocol).

  • 20/11/2008
    Impact programme

    An example of UNODC's assistance to States in implementing the Protocol is UNODC's Impact Programme which aims to support States in West and North Africa in implementing the Migrant Smuggling Protocol and strengthen criminal justice systems by;

    • Establishing adequate legislative frameworks
    • Building the capacities of law enforcement, prosecution and the judiciary
    • Strengthening international and regional cooperation, and
    • Fostering prevention through raising awareness among relevant authorities and the general public


  • 31/10/2008
    News and Events

    News and Events - Anti-Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling Unit

  • 30/10/2008
    UNODC Publications - Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

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  • 30/10/2008
    What is Human Trafficking?
  • 20/10/2008
    Lebanon: UNODC launches report on trafficking

    Report cover20 October 2008 - According to a newly released national report, only 60 cases involving victims of human trafficking are officially identified every year in Lebanon. These include cases that are either processed through the courts or through the national Complaints Office.

  • 15/10/2008
    Trafficking in Lebanon
  • 09/10/2008
    Toolkit to Combat Trafficking in Persons
  • 24/09/2008
    UN.GIFT Emma Thompson (2008)

    Following her appearance at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking in February 2008, in this Public Service Announcement (PSA), Emma Thompson voices for the victims of human trafficking.

  • 24/09/2008
    UN.GIFT Emma Thompson (2008)

    Emma ThompsonFollowing her appearance at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking in February 2008, in this Public Service Announcement (PSA), Emma Thompson voices for the victims of human trafficking.

  • 18/09/2008
    UNODC strengthens anti-trafficking units

    Human trafficking in Central America18 September 2008 - Central America is hard hit by human trafficking. In countries like Guatemala, organized criminal groups prey on poverty and desperation to recruit victims through force and deception. To support anti-trafficking efforts, earlier this year UNODC started providing assistance to specialized anti-trafficking units in Guatemala and the region.

  • 01/07/2008

    In July 2008, the Ibero American Association of Public Prosecutors Offices (AIAMP), the highest political penal prosecution instance in the region, resolved to recognize UNODC project against trafficking in persons (XCAS26) in Central America as a model program to be replicated in other countries.

    WorkshopFocused on strengthening investigative capacities of prosecutors and police services, the XCAS26 program brings to the table an innovative methodology in the provision of technical assistance: training material and trainer's guidelines are produced jointly with the beneficiaries of the project. Felipe De La Torre, UNODC crime prevention expert and project coordinator based in Mexico City comments: "By involving our future trainees in the actual elaboration of tailor-made capacity building tools, UNODC is able to ensure a legitimate and democratic process that empowers public officials and suits real needs". UNODC and its partner ILANUD (United Nations Latin American Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of the Offenders) are currently carrying out workshops in each Central American country in order to enrich and validate these tools which will serve as the basic material for an intensive training phase beginning in 2010.

  • 09/06/2008
    Encountering human trafficking in Bolivia

    9 June 2008 - When I first served the United Nations in Bolivia (from 1991 to 1994), trafficking in persons was not an issue. Only drug trafficking was discussed. Now, this has definitely changed. I returned to Bolivia in early 2007 when Evo Morales, the first indigenous President of Bolivia, had just completed his first year as head of Government. He has made a strong commitment to the elimination of discrimination against the indigenous population.

  • 04/06/2008
    United Nations General Assembly urges stronger action against human trafficking

    4 June 2008 - At any given time, millions of people are probably suffering the exploitation of modern-day slavery.  No country is immune from human trafficking, a crime that that shames us all. UNODC reports that victims from 127 countries undergo exploitation in 135 nations. And human trafficking is big business. The United Nations and other experts estimate the total market value of illicit human trafficking at $32 billion.

  • 21/05/2008
    Video spot - Cleaning Woman (2003)

    The spot calls on the general public to take action against human trafficking by showing a woman helping a victim escape her forced labour situation.  UNODC worked closely with local partners in the distribution of the spot to add a telephone hotline number at the end for help or more information.

    Duration: 0:45

  • 27/04/2008
    Human Trafficking Public Service Announcement

    Human Trafficking Public Service Announcement

  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 8 Victim Assistance
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 9 Prevention of Trafficking in Persons
  • 18/04/2008
    electronic toolkit chapter 7 immigration status of victims and their return and reintegration
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 3 Legislative Framework
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 6 Victim Identification
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 10 Monitoring and Evaluation
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 1 International Legal Framework
  • 18/04/2008
    electronic toolkit chapter 5 law enforcement and prosecution
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 4 International Criminal Justice Cooperation
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit Chapter 2 - Problem Assessment and Strategy Development
  • 18/04/2008
    Electronic Toolkit to Combat Trafficking in Persons - Index
  • 08/04/2008
    Ricky Martin raises awareness on human trafficking in Cambodia

    Ricky Martin speaks at Vienna Forum. Photo: UNODC/M. Borovansky-Konig8 April 2008 - A month after attending the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, under the umbrella of the UN Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT), Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin recently visited Cambodia to promote the fight against this heinous crime.

  • 07/03/2008
    Ghana: young boys releasing fish from fishing nets

    Lake Volta, Ghana: the internal trafficking of children for cheap labour is one of the biggest challenges.

  • 26/02/2008
    UNODC chief talks about trafficking challenge

    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty caught up with Executive Director Costa on the sidelines of the UN-organized Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking in mid-February to discuss international efforts to combat "modern-day slavery." He told correspondent Eugen Tomiuc about the birth of the Global Initiative To Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) and the obstacles to more effective policing.

  • 22/02/2008
    Fighting human trafficking in Central America

    Photo: Timo Nasseri22 February 2008 - In a recent event at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in San Salvador, El Salvador, UNODC launched a regional project aimed at strengthening national and regional capacities to fight trafficking in persons in Central America. The event marked the official beginning of an important initiative to support law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial authorities of the region, which is gravely affected by this crime.

  • 22/02/2008
    Cultures of exploitation

    I was buoyed by the institutional impact, awareness building and policy pledges made in last week's Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, all of which went beyond my expectations. Nevertheless, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and we will never end human trafficking until we change the way women are portrayed. I do not like to see women in burkas, nor do I appreciate seeing half-naked girls featured in provocative fashion ads, both of which may be a form of female exploitation.

  • 21/02/2008
    Closing remarks: Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking
  • 15/02/2008
    Costa: Vienna Forum "tipping point"

    UN.GIFT logo15 February 2008 - The Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, which this week brought together 1,400 delegates from 116 countries to share knowledge and develop an international strategy to combat human trafficking, called for greater awareness, more resources and coordinated action in the fight against human trafficking.

  • 14/02/2008
    Ricky Martin: “React, it’s time”

    Photo: UNODC/M. Borovansky-Koenig14 February 2008 - Music star and activist Ricky Martin told participants at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking on Wednesday that music had given him "an excuse to talk to people about this global nightmare."

  • 14/02/2008
    A Journey with Emma Thompson

    The picture is all over the newspapers. British actress Emma Thompson with no shoes on, sitting on the podium of the Austrian Parliament.

    For those of us who witnessed this performance, it deserved an Oscar. She ran about, cried, tore out her hair - waking up an audience of sleepy parliamentarians with a moving monologue from the perspective of a trafficking victim. It was a spectacle never seen before in such hallowed halls. The mock trial that followed kept the audience glued to their seats.

  • 13/02/2008
    Tracking a monster

    UNODC Executive Director Costa13 February 2008 - UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa gave the following opening statement at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking:

  • 13/02/2008
    "This is not a journey that anyone should take"

    Part of the "Journey" art installation13 February 2008 - British actress Emma Thompson opened a harrowing new art installation yesterday that graphically depicts the terrifying ordeal of a woman sold into the sex trade. Kicking off the Vienna Forum on Human Trafficking, Thompson warned that human trafficking had increased "exponentially" over the past decade and that traffickers were "fantastically sophisticated". 

  • 13/02/2008
    Human trafficking: A crime that shames us all
  • 12/02/2008
    Video spot - Open your eyes to human trafficking (UN.GIFT)

    To coincide with the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, UN.GIFT has produced a new Public Service Announcement video spot. The theme - a man walks through a market without realising the human trafficking crimes happening around him - calls for people to open their eyes to human trafficking.

    Duration: 0:30 and 0:60

  • 12/02/2008
    What is UN.GIFT?

    Troels VesterTroels Vester from UNODC's Anti-Human Trafficking Unit speaks about UN.GIFT.

    Duration: 7:16

  • 12/02/2008
    Radio spots - Support the Fight Against Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT)

    UN.GIFT A series of audio public service announcements has been produced within the framework of UN.GIFT. Using real-life examples from around the globe, these radio spots show that by joining forces action can be taken against this crime. UNODC encourages broadcasters around the world to support UN.GIFT by airing these PSAs.

    PSA 1 - Victims can be freed from situations of exploitation (Duration: 0:30)

  • 12/02/2008
    First ever global forum on human trafficking to launch united campaign to fight the crime
  • 11/02/2008
    Let us not close our eyes

    UN-GIFT - Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking11 February 2008 - Each day, people are recruited, transported and abducted for purposes such as forced labour and sexual exploitation. The Film Forum on Human Trafficking - coinciding with the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking - will feature 18 films that show the many aspects of this crime.

  • 11/02/2008
    UN.GIFT poster

    The city gears up for the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking which will take place from February 13-15

  • 08/02/2008
    Emma Thompson: Elena's Story

    The JourneyThrough her work with victims of human trafficking, Emma Thompson felt inspired to take action. She said that Elena's story, 'somehow contained the seeds of a rebirth and also of a creative act that could be taken'. So, she joined forces with fellow artists to create "Journey".

    Duration: 3:40

  • 08/02/2008
    Emma Thompson’s Journey

    Emma Thompson. Photo: Nick Haddow8 February 2008 - Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson is joining forces with UNODC to raise awareness about human trafficking. The British actress will be participating in the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking that will take place from 13-15 February.

  • 06/02/2008
    Container Exhibit Highlights Plight of Trafficking Victims
  • 04/02/2008
    Anti-trafficking radio spot 1 featuring Goodwill Ambassador Julia Ormond

    Julia OrmondThe United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has released a new series of anti-human trafficking radio spots, featuring the voice of British actress and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador Julia Ormond. Ms Ormond, whose film credits include Legends of the Fall with Brad Pitt and Sabrina with Harrison Ford, became UNODC Goodwill Ambassador on Human Trafficking last December. The public service announcements are part of UNODC's efforts to raise awareness of the crime of human trafficking, which - as shown in a new UNODC report - affects virtually every country in the world.