goAML is an IT based information, collection, management, and analysis software package. It is designed as a modular system to fit the needs of any Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) irrespective of size.  The goAML software (a product of UNODC's Information Technology Service (ITS), developed in cooperation with The Global Programme against Money-Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism (GPML)), was developed as a part of an EC funded project in 2005 to provide an IT solution for the Economic Financial Crimes Commission in Nigeria, including the Nigerian FIU. From this, a generic software solution was developed because of the many requests we had received from new FIUs looking for IT solutions.

The system is designed to manage processes and analyze reports on suspicious transactions, financial transactions of any type, and list or alert based reports. It is designed to fully automate data collection and dissemination.

goAML analytical capabilities will support analytical and investigation teams with highly sophisticated reporting capabilities. It can analyze and visualize large volumes of data to help understand complex patterns of transactions and develop tactical and strategic intelligence. It is able to monitor potentially suspicious accounts and reveal patterns and covert connections.

Perhaps goAML's most useful function is its embedded charting function, which will create analytical charts either manually or automatically. As a user searches the database based on various search parameters, there is a charting function (similar to i2) that operates in the background displaying all connections via nodes. The chart can then be exported live to another agency so that both agencies can work on the same information, passing the information back and forth between them as an investigation progresses.

The system is a fully integrated Windows-based application which is intuitive and reflects traditional Windows functionality. Anyone familiar with Windows will be able to use goAML. It is highly flexible and is able to be customised to end-user requirements with minimal IT input required.

The software package is offered to UN Member States free of charge. However, installation costs and user agreement fees are payable by the user. This product is still in its infancy; roll out will begin in the first quarter of 2008 subject to available funding for installation and training in its use.

For more details, visit the goAML website