Here is a selection of resources with further information on the UNODC's Opioid Strategy 


The UNODC's Opioid Strategy established the  UN Toolkit on Synthetic Drugs, to offer a one-stop-shop-of various resources and practical application tools to support the Member States in strengthening their response to the Opioid Crisis.  The toolkit and its materials are presented on an interactive platform and smart-phone friendly application ( Prezi animation; best viewed on GoogleChrome)

UNODC Integrated Strategy on the Global Opioid Crisis (PDF; 944 KB) Flyer.






UNODC Opioid Strategy Highlights (PDF; 1 MB) Factsheet.



Opioid meeting report

Report on the meeting of the intergovernmental expert group on the international challenge posed by the non-medical use of synthetic opioids held in Vienna on 3 and 4 December 2018
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Current NPS Threats - Volume I

Current NPS Threats - Volume 1

UNODC's Laboratory and Scientific Section presents a snap analysis of the most harmful, persistent and prevalent NPS held at this stage






UNODC World Drug Report 2018 Booklet (PDF; 3.1 MB)
ANALYSIS OF DRUG MARKETS - Opiates, cocaine, cannabis, synthetic drugs






Fifth WHO-UNODC Expert Consultation on New Psychoactive Substances addressing the challenges of non-medical use of opioids (PDF; 1.2 MB) Report.