UNODC GMCP Indian and Pacific Oceans launches maritime law enforcement training in Kenya

10 April to 28 April: GMCP delivered an Advanced Maritime Law Enforcement (MLE) Training in Lamu, Kenya with focus on Visit Board Search and Seizure. The training was funded by the UK Government. The training brought together officers from the Maritime Police Unit and Rural Border Patrol Agency for a 1 week 'Train the Trainer' course and a two week intensive course, developed to build capacity within maritime police units in the region to increase the effectiveness of the fight against maritime crime. The MLE training concentrated on practical Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS) preparation, with a focus on correct procedure for evidence collection at its forefront.



Expanding work in Bangladesh

20 March: GMCP holds high level meetings in Bangladesh with the Minister of Home Affairs (MHA) and the IGP Police on the implementation of the UNODC project to enhance capability of the Bangladesh River Police units around Dhaka city. The project will provide several Police patrol boats, a gangway/pontoon, and training in marine law enforcement to the Bangladesh River Police units. This will enhance the operational capability of the River Police to respond to critical incidents and counter crime around the Dhaka city region.


Progress on construction of the Prison and Major Crimes Complex

March 2017 : In Mogadishu, the construction of the Prison and Major Crimes Complex is moving forward. In the high security cell block, the only major work that is left to be completed is the terrazzo at the cell block and the internal paint works. All steel fabrication, external paints and waterproofing at the roof are now complete. The overall output achievement/completion stands at 90% for this building. For the Court House the door fittings and the tile works are on progress. The major outstanding work for this building is the ICT such as CCTV cameras installations. Further, for the Judges accommodation, the door and toilet fittings are on progress in the accommodation unit. The outstanding activities to be completed in this building include ICT installations, kitchenette, judges inbuilt and wardrobes. The overall completion stands at 85%. For external works, all watch towers, garbage disposal unit and septic tank are complete as well as the wall A type. The ongoing works are for the boundary wall type B and the tunnel which are both at superstructure walling. The overall completion is at 85% .


GMCP looking to support maritime law enforcement in Sierra Leone and Liberia

March 2017: GMCP conducted an assessment mission to Sierra Leone and Liberia looking at the two countries' maritime law enforcement capacity, as part of a Japanese funded project on strengthening maritime law enforcement capacity in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana. In Freetown, Sierra Leone, the team met with the Marine Police, reviewing their maritime assets; the maintenance needs; existing Standard Operating Procedures, and the organisation and set-up of the Joint Maritime Committee. In Monrovia, Liberia, the team met with the coastguard, police, the Minister of Agriculture and Fishing, and the Maritime Authority to discuss maritime security and fisheries crime and all the regulations currently being drafted in Liberia.


GMCP Swedish Prison Mentors Busy in Hargeisa

March 2017:  The vocational training facilities at Hargeisa Prison now includes a sewing machine, giving the prisoners the chance to use and improve their sewing skills. Hargeisa Prison already offers vocational training in plumbing, welding domestic wiring and brick making for the prisoners, which will improve their rehabilitation and reintegration upon release.

Two new prison mentors provided by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service arrived in Garowe. During a formal meeting with the General Prison Commissioner for Puntland, they discussed the implementation of GMCP activities as well as local needs and expectations. Both mentors will be working full-time at Garowe Prison for the next 12 months, and will be traveling to South-Central regions when necessary to support the Somali Custodial Corps.