For the 2012 DAPC grants we received 203 proposals before the deadline, out of which 24 were selected for funding based on the quality and feasibility of the project proposal and on the geographical balance.  The projects selected for funding are listed below.

Congratulations to the winners!

Training of peer trainers in Nepal Team building among volunteers in Russia



Country / Name of NGO

Project Title/Objective

Lebanon/ Oum el Nour

Youth Connection Program 4
'Youth Connection' empowers youth in Lebanon to become active agents of drug prevention through training sessions and increases awareness about addiction through peer education. Beneficiaries are youth and early adults (ages 15-25). 'Youth Connection' project will contribute to a better quality of life by decreasing the incidence and prevalence of substance use among youth and early adults in Lebanon through peer to peer education. This project will enable the youth to take the issue of drug prevention into their own hands and get their voices heard. A high level of networking between different youth worker groups is encouraged, so that groups can plan projects together, share their experiences, and adapt those activities that have been successful elsewhere.  The activities are closely supervised and supported. Young people evaluate their own projects during the meetings.

Eastern Africa Regional Youth Network: GOOMANY CENTRE /Maritius; CARE /Seychelles; UYDEL /Uganda; SCAD /Kenya; SOBER /Tanzania; Mada-YN /Madagascar; and EARYN -STEP /Kenya

Safari Katika Talk Show "Represent your Code" without drugs

This project is a fun and interactive experience that focusing on young peoples needs, concerns, interests and opinions, utilizing also local celebrities. It aims to increase awareness of the many ethical choices and decision made in real life situations in relation to drug abuse, sex, HIV and AIDS with input from the UNODC Youth Initiative Guide. It seeks to provide a safe environment that promotes interactive ways of having fun without drugs through the edutainment program.

Namibia / Blue Cross Namibia

Schools awareness Creation Project
The project will provide Life skills classes for young people on a monthly basis by in the Khomas region to foster healthy lifestyle choices; Provide Alternative Activity Clubs for 600 learners in the Khomas region and train 70 peer educators to provide health information to their peers in the Khomas Regions. It will also strengthen and improve the school bonds to ensure a continuation of a good working relationship with the NGO, conduct 2 camps per year to further enrich learners, and make learners aware of psychosocial support available through counsellors.

Swaziland/ Association of Students Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking (SADAT)

Ten Swaziland Model Schools
The project aims to have students participate actively and visibly in drug prevention interventions in order to create schools that will serve as models for drug prevention in Swaziland. It aims to achieve this via creating dialogue with principals and teachers; via providing leadership and peer education training for student leaders; via organizing training in drama, poetry and public speech; and finally presentations at school assemblies by trained students and community sensitization through deployment of school drama teams.

South Africa/
Isilimela Comprehensive School learners in Langa /National Institute for Crime Prevention and Reintegration of Offenders - (NICRO)

Safety Ambassadors
The NICRO Safety Ambassadors Prevention Initiative seeks to reduce anti-social behaviour and support the healthy behaviour among youth at secondary school level.  The project also attempts to utilise the voices of peers and empower them to interact with and influence their peers  against anti-social and unhealthy behaviour.
The project  aims to:

1) Empower the selected programme participants (Safety Ambassadors) to identify and deal with personal and social issues affecting the lives of young people.
2) Foster personal growth and expand the knowledge base and skills of the Safety Ambassadors through the acquisition of effective life skills.
3) Create a platform for youth to assist them with career and life planning, to implement in a practical manner, a range of activities and projects promoting pro-social values, healthy and positive behaviours amongst their peers and within their community
4) Develop a sustainable school-based support programme focusing on reducing the risk factors that young people, especially those from marginalised communities, are exposed to and strengthening factors of resilience in order to reduce unhealthy behaviours, drug use, offending and victimization, and promote pro-social behaviour.

Zambia / Zakwathu performing arts theatre

Drug free youths campaign
Projects aims to create awareness on the dangers and effects of abusing or using drugs without medical prescription. Furthermore it aims to create awareness on the dangers of drug trafficking and illegal drugs cultivation to the Zambian population, to form and support existing anti-drug groups in schools and communities, and finally to support the formation of community peer educators to help those are affected by the use of drugs.

Zambia / Caritas Mpika

Integration of Drug use prevention into Anti-AIDS Clubs in Schools
The project aims to increase awareness on the dangers of drugs among school children, to  identify and support anti-drugs youth ambassadors, to increase youth participation in drug  prevention, counseling and rehabilitation services, and finally to contribute to the reduction of drug/alcohol abuse among youths in the District. The activities include Integrating drug use and prevention in anti-aids clubs in 13 schools, and organising focus group discussions, Inter-schools drama festival, and inter - schools debate competition and also distributing  drug abuse prevention IEC materials in schools.


Serbia /
Youth Office of Zvezdar

Grab your future!
The project of this youth group functioning under the Youth Centre aims to raise awareness and participation of youth in the local community, thus contributing to their spending their free time creatively, establishing positive social relationships, gaining useful knowledge and skills and their active citizenship. The projects seeks to develop skills and awareness  for drug use prevention through working with a group of 30 high school students in VII Belgrade high school, through developing and sustaining a network of youth peer to peer educators of 20 high school students and through educating professors and parents.

Tadjikistan / Public organization "SHOTO"

Youth platform for drug prevention
The project aims to strengthen the role, opportunities, and active citizenship of 200 youth in Isfara city Republic of Tajikistan in order to prevent drug abuse. The project will conduct a small training camp for 40 active youth of 12 jamoats in Isfara city on skills for the prevention of drug use among their peers; create and implement youth social platform to support young people in the prevention of drug addiction; and conduct talk-shows and debate competitions, and sports competitions and activities.


Prevention of use of psychoactive substances  among high school students of Kyiv and Kyiv region
The projects aims to prevent drug use by developing educational and preventive programs by trained specialists and leaders of student government. The youth in the volunteer group  together with specialists will organize training workshops for teachers and  student governments on the prevention of substance use among students, covering also social- and life-skills. Roundtable discussions with the activists of student government and school personnel, and training workshops for teams of university students will be conducted. A manual for peer based prevention work will be published.

Ukraine/ Charitable Foundation Another Life

Youth Initiative «Relife» against drug abuse
Preventing young people from experimenting with drugs and becoming involved in drug abuse. Providing drug education conducting efficient training and courses in prominent Ukrainian Institutions to undertake and deliver effective prevention programs. The goals of these trainings include, at the individual level, a good sense of discipline, healthy self-esteem, good problem-solving skills, good self-expression abilities, a good ability to recognize and communicate emotions, an ability to maintain mental wellbeing and to cope with stress or anxiety and an ability to establish personal goals. The participants of these trainings will also organize drug prevention activities and clubs  in schools, to contribute to a better understanding of drug-related problems with efficient contemporary solutions and establishing Youth Antidrug Movement, and they will also do this via social media. Furthermore, the participants will also produce a short movie with prevention message to gain further attention to the movement.

Moldova/ Public Association Mothers for Life

" Sober Youth - Healthy Country"
The project aims raising awareness among youth regarding the risky behavior models and their consequences and support leadership development and raise motivation among active youth in the educational institutions of the gymnasium and lyceum level aiming at further involvement in social activities. Lectures, photo-exhibition, photo-competition, and discussion groups on personal growth and healthy lifestyles will be organized.

Russia/ Youth group "Rovesnik-Rovesniku" at NGO Drug Abuse Prevention Centre

I care - how about you?
The project will organize trainings and support for volunteer group "Rovesnik-Rovesniku", who in turn will be organizing competitions on photographing, making videos  and social marketing for their peers  in order to promote prevention messages via peer approach utilizing social networks.

Iran / Kiyana

Drug Abuse Prevention Among 6-11 Year Old Street Children and Child Labourers: A Strengthening Families Program
The project aims at supporting the street children and labouring children who are already in contact with this NGO via providing support to their families educating the whole families on parenting skills and life skills according to the protocol of "strengthening the families program". The trainings aim to improve family relationships and communication including parenting behaviours, and support childrens emotional and mental health and the growth of their social skills. The ultimate goal is to prevent substance abuse in the families, especially in the children.


Mexico /
Fundación Cadavieco, A.C.

Art Workshop Program to prevent the use of drugs and violent behavior among adolescents enrolled in middle school:
The project aims to generate a space through theatrical expression, dance, music, plastic arts and human development techniques for the prevention of drug use and violence in adolescents at high risk, in the middle school level. Our goal is that through emotional strengthening and by learning skills for conflict management, adolescents will be able to make healthy choices (saying no to drugs, standing up to abuse, staying in school, improving their school performance, etc., thus improving dramatically their life opportunities). The project aims to promote physical and emotional health of students, teachers and Parents.

Mexico /
Espolea A. C.

Promote the adoption of healthier lifestyles among the youth:
The project aims to develop a peer-education curriculum on drug-abuse prevention for adolescents and young people, and to consolidate a one-week seminar composed of a series of workshops and active-learning sessions in which young people can truly learn about drugs, their risks and how to promote the adoption of healthier lifestyles from themselves and their peers. The aim is to also create a toolkit for peer-education (guidelines for debate, printed information materials, activity guides, etc.) and train a group of 20 adolescent and young educators who can replicate either the entire seminar or a series of workshops on drug-abuse prevention and risky behaviors to other 20 youngsters (based on the aforementioned curricula).

Peru /
"Center of studies, prevention, treatment, research and health - CEPTIS"

Drug Prevention Program for adolescents and young people through participation in social networks, in the Youth Initiative Program
The project seeks to contribute to the reduction of drug use among adolescents and young people by involving them in the Youth Initiative to promote positive drug awareness and healthy lifestyles in their schools and communities, through participation in social networks. To provide the participating youth with necessary information, skills and personal development competences that enable them to develop healthy alternatives to drug use.

Colombia /
Asociación Juvenil para el Desarrollo Integral, Cultural y Comunitario GALILEOS

Project to strengthen the communication process alternative of St. Jerome Emiliani house as a strategy to prevent drug use with youth in the district 2 of Bucaramanga
The project aims to facilitate the link of the participating youth with the local community radio station (La Brújula), through the joint preparation of a radio programme that promotes healthy lifestyles. The project will strengthen the alternative communication strategy aiming at youth participation in community activities to pursuit individual and collective development and creation of values which in return will contribute to prevent crime, drug abuse and social indifference.

Ecuador / Juventudes Ecuador

The project aims to educate youth on electronic communication techniques, to facilitate them in producing radio-programs and video clips that are related on drug prevention, air these via internet and local radio stations, and finally organize a series of awareness raising sessions for parents and youth where these audio- and video-clips will be utilized.


Bangladesh /
Progressive Youth Forum  - Work And Rural Development (WARD)

Reducing use of illicit drugs through youth networks
The project seeks to build up a Youth Network of youth having basic knowledge and information regarding drug abuse to combat illicit drug abuse in bordering districts. It seeks to raise awareness regarding drug abuse among border guards and youth generation in two bordering districts. It will involve the youth into creative work & discourage them from addiction of drug by involving them with social media.

Maldives /

Youth of Future - "Smart and Connected"
The project aims to train youth population of the island on drug prevention, peer education and leadership, and to provide information to general population by volunteering youth and also via social media. The project will also raise awareness via producing and distributing Information, Education and Communication Materials by youth and organizing 4 trainings for 100 youth.

Nepal /
(Social service, Awareness raising and Advocacy and Tranquility and Humanity)

Youth-led campaign against drug use
The projects aims to ensure the leadership roles of social work students in planning, implementing, managing, monitoring and evaluating the youth-led campaign on the issue of drug use among youth. It seeks to provide a youth-friendly learning environment on prevention of drug use for upper secondary level students, to generate a sense of commitment of the students to become "agent for change" while taking positive action against drug use among youth in their schools and communities and collaborate with like -minded organizations and musical/dance groups in order to use INFOTAINMENT in its programming.
In practical terms the project will develop a training manual, conduct a research on base line drug use prevalence, organize ToT and organize awareness raising program in 60 selected Nepalese schools. In some of these schools an student council will be formed to sustain the activities within the school. Simultaneously, a radio program will be created by active inputs of the participants to support these activities.