Basic Information on Essential Chemicals/Precursors of the 1988 Convention for Use by Law Enforcement Officers


This publication was prepared in response to the growing demand for information on chemicals, solvents and precursors included in Tables I and II of the 1988 Convention, and is intended to provide assistance especially to law enforcement officers.  It provides a basic description of the chemical substances most frequently used in the illicit manufacture of drugs of abuse, including their synonyms, physical appearance and their legitimate and illicit uses.  In addition to the 22 substances under international control*, it includes seven substances which are frequently encountered in the clandestine manufacture of heroin and which are not controlled under the 1988 Convention.  Special attention is drawn to the safety warnings as well as to the guidelines for the handling and storage of the substances of concern.

This publication is complemented by SCITEC/9/Rev.1 , which provides more technical information on the same 22 substances for use by scientific personnel.

*at the time of publication .


UN document ID number: SCITEC/11
Publication date: April 1996
Number of pages: 73
Languages: English ( PDF - 0.241MB)