Data Sheets on Substances Frequently Used in the Illicit Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs or Psychotropic Substances


This publication aimed at scientific and technical personnel, provides monographs on the 22 chemical substances listed in Tables I and II of the 1988 Conventions*.  Individual monographs include information on CAS registry number, HS number, CA index name, other names, chemical structure, physical appearance, chemical/physical properties, safety, storage and handling, legitimate use, illicit use, and identification and analysis.

The publication is complemented by SCITEC/11, which provides similar but less technical, information on the same 22 chemical substances, in a more general language for use by non-laboratory officials.

*at the time of publication.


UN document ID number: SCITEC/9/REV.1
Publication date: April 1993
Number of pages: 67
Languages: English