Drug analysis and forensic science laboratories

One of the UNODC`s strategicĀ goals is to improve the performance of laboratories to meet internationally accepted standards so that they can provide their clients (including members of the judiciary, law enforcement officers and health and regulatory authorities) with reliable data and to increase their capacities. Scientific support services provided to drug analysis and forensic science laboratories include:

1. An International Quality Assurance Programme (IQAP) to assess, improve and standardize the work performed by national drug testing laboratories. The IQAP International Collaborative Exercises programme is aimed at helping drug-testing laboratories worldwide assess their own performance and take corrective actions, when appropriate.

2. Standards/reference samples of drugs under international control, their metabolites, and precursors for comparative analytical purposes as well as reference samples of selected impurities found in illicitly manufactured drugs. Samples are provided to the laboratories:

  • in the framework and for the purposes of the IQAP International Collaborative Exercises, or
  • for their daily work

3. Manuals, guidelines and publications on recommended analytical methods for drug and precursor analysis and guidelines for laboratory and forensic best practices.

4. Expert advice and advocacy on forensic analysis, improvement of national infrastructure, development of regional laboratory networks and other scientific aspects of drug control and crime prevention.

5. Laboratory equipment, materials and training courses (only provided in the framework of scientific support projects).