Drug Characterization/Impurity Profiling Background and Concepts

Abstract drug characterization .....

This manual provides an introduction not only to the concept and operational value of characterization / profiling, but also to its limitations.  The manual is mainly aimed at law enforcement and laboratory personnel intending to set up operational programmes for drug characterization / impurity profiling.

Worldwide, characterization / impurity profiling of seized drugs is increasingly viewed as a valuable complement to routine law enforcement investigative work.  In practice, however, there is frequently a discrepancy between the enthusiasm for setting up characterization / profiling programmes and the expectations associated with such programmes on the one hand, and the acknowledgment of individual roles and responsibilities and the operational use of their results on the other.  The manual is intended to bridge this gap.


UN document ID number: ST/NAR/32/Rev.1
Publication date: May 2001
Number of pages: 14
Languages: Russian, English ( PDF), Spanish