Guidelines for Safe Handling and Disposal of Chemicals Used in the Illicit Manufacture of Drugs


This Manual provides a set of methods and approaches, and practical guidelines, on the safe handling and disposal of chemicals used in the illicit manufacture of different drugs. Focus is on the major chemicals most commonly used in the illicit manufacture of cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, methamphetamine, ecstasy-type substances, and methaqualone, for which a compilation of available disposal methods is included.

The Manual is aimed at all those, who are involved in, or confronted with the need for, the safe handling, transportation, storage and disposal of seized chemicals. The methods and approaches described reflect the breadth of circumstances under which illicit drug manufacture occurs worldwide, ranging from recycling to disposal at the site of seizure, for example, at a clandestine laboratory site.

Typically, methods and approaches included in the Manual will have to be tailored to specific situations or circumstances in individual countries.


UN document ID number: ST/NAR/36
Publication date: May 2006
Number of pages: 80 (English), 81 (Spanish)
Languages: English ( PDF), Spanish ( PDF)