International Collaborative Exercises (ICE) 2007 summary report


Abstract ICE report 2007

The summary report of the implementation of the " International Collaborative Exercises (ICE) 2007" provides background information on the ICE program and reflects its implementation in 2007. Further, in the light of emerging drug trends and threats the report addresses the current advancement of the programme.

As external proficiency test and part of the "International Quality Assurance Programme" the ICE program aims to allow laboratories to continuously monitor their performance, an essential element for implementation of quality management systems and ultimately accreditation. Furthermore, ICE offers an overview of performances and capacities of forensic laboratories worldwide and enables tailored technical support and assistance. With regard to new requirements, the ICE will also in future contribute to harmonize and promote quality standards in forensic laboratories all over the world.


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Publication date: March 2009
Number of pages: 4
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