Rapid Testing Methods of Drugs of Abuse

Abstract rapid testing methods .....

The manual has been designed to provide practical assistance to law enforcement agencies and forensic laboratories. It contains: (i) general guidelines for law enforcement officers on the simplest ways of sampling a suspect material for the specific purpose of field testing; (ii) an outline on the execution of various field testing methods; (iii) guidelines for the interpretation of the results; (iv) a selection of chemical tests for field identification of the most frequently seized controlled drugs and the precursors and essential chemicals most frequently used in their clandestine manufacture.

The manual also outlines a suggested training programme for chemical field testing to assist law enforcement agencies in developing their training programmes.


UN document ID number: ST/NAR/13/Rev. 1
Publication date: February 1995
Number of pages: 105
Languages: Arabic, English ( PDF - 4.1MG), French, Russian, Spanish,