The Identification and Analysis of Benzodiazepines under International Control:
II. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


This paper was prepared as background material for an expert group meeting convened to examine methods for the analysis of benzodiazepines subject to international control. It covers an investigation, by UNDCP Laboratory, of spectroscopic methods for the analysis of benzodiazepines, concluding that infrared spectroscopy is a useful technique. However, although NMR is an ideal confirmatory technique, it is of limited use to the majority of countries to whom recommended methods manuals are targeted because of the cost and technical expertise required. It will benefit those laboratories that routinely rely on this spectroscopic technique for forensic drug identification ( see also SCITEC/1).


UN document ID number: SCITEC/4
Publication date: November 1988
Number of pages: 26
Languages: English