UNODC Assists Member States in Enhancing Their Capabilities to Prosecute the Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material

From 30 April to 2 May 2014, UNODC participated in a Regional Dialogue on Nuclear Smuggling Prosecutions, held in Tbilisi, Georgia, and organized by the United States of America.

The main objectives of the event were to strengthen capabilities in the region to prosecute smuggling of nuclear and other radioactive material by improving participants' understanding of the unique aspects of investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating relevant cases, and to share good practices, discuss legal requirements and enhance coordination among participating states. It also aimed at identifying domestic and international obstacles to effective prosecutions and at developing potential solutions.

The event brought together law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judges from Armenia, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, as well as representatives from the United States of America, the European Commission Transuranium Institute, Europol and INTERPOL, who provided substantive input to the event.

In the course of the activity, UNODC presented the international legal framework against nuclear terrorism, as well as mechanisms for international cooperation between law enforcement and judicial authorities.  The UNODC representative also functioned as a moderator in various sessions.

The event offered an opportunity to exchange experiences and views and to elaborate on best practices concerning the investigation and prosecution of instances of nuclear smuggling. The dialogue touched upon a variety of issues, ranging from scams and hoaxes involving nuclear and other radioactive material, investigations of smuggling and tracking of smuggling networks, the prosecutors' perspective, obstacles in achieving conviction, efficient practices for inter-agency cooperation, supporting prosecutions across borders to the role of the media, all through presentations and case studies. A table top exercise on a fictitious smuggling scenario provided an opportunity to apply lessons learned.


For more information on the work of UNODC in preventing and combating nuclear terrorism, please contact: . UNODC has been mandated by the General Assembly of the United Nations to promote the ratification and implementation of the international legal instruments against terrorism. Seven of them address nuclear terrorism, including the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and its 2005 Amendment and the International Convention for the Suppression of Nuclear Terrorism.