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Artists for Integrity

"The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference" - Bess Myerson

The indisputable power of literature and the film industry to capture large audiences has proven an invaluable ally in the fight against corruption. Unlocking the door to people's minds and souls by vividly portraying the most aberrant manifestations of corruption, literature has an immense contribution to make to an all-out campaign. Similarly, by focusing not only on fictitious stories but also on real corruption cases, the film industry has contributed to raising public awareness, turning a taboo into a discussion topic and resulting in blockbusters, award winning documentaries and best sellers. Also many anti-corruption songs have become runaway hits, carrying the message across every segment of society. More information (pdf).

Business Coalition: The UN Convention against Corruption as a New Market Force

"Let me tell you, Cassius, you yourself
Are much condemn'd to have an itching palm,
To sell and mart your offices for gold
To undeservers. Brutus"
  (Act. 4, Scene 3) - Julius Caesar/Shakespeare

Ample evidence suggests that in many countries corruption adds upwards of 10 per cent to the cost of doing business and as much as 25 per cent to the cost of public procurement. These costs undermine business performance and divert public resources from their legitimate use. At the same time, the private sector has also proven to be a powerful actor of change. In fact, the need to reduce vulnerability to corruption has resulted in a large number of companies adopting increasingly effective internal integrity mechanisms.

These are the issues to be discussed at a Special Event to be staged in Bali, Indonesia, and coinciding with an institutional anti-corruption conference which will be held from 28 January to 1 February 2008. More information (pdf) - forum agenda (pdf).

If you wish to attend, please contact:

Ms. Olajobi Makinwa
Civil Society Coordinator
UN Global Compact Office

Tel: + 1 917 367 2283
Fax: + 1 212 963 1207
E-mail: makinwa@un.org

Forum for Parliamentarians: Implementing and Overseeing the UN Convention against Corruption

The Parliamentary Forum has two objectives. The morning session will provide an overview of the Study of National Anti-Corruption Policy Frameworks, conducted by the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre. The session will focus on findings related to parliamentarians' roles and contributions to the fight against corruption. The afternoon session will focus on follow-up action to the Parliamentary Action Items presented at the first Conference of States Parties to the UN Convention against Corruption, held in Jordan in December 2006. All parliamentarians and observers are welcome. Forum agenda (pdf).

If you wish to attend, please contact:

Meaghan Campbell
Communications and Program(s) Consultant
Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption
Tel: +1 613 432 1640
E-mail: CampbMe@gopacnetwork.org

Peer-to-Peer Media Forum: Covering Corruption with Integrity

" Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist - Edmund Burke

The undisputed power of the media to reach the widest audiences has proven an invaluable ally in the fight against corruption, contributing towards bringing culprits to justice and justice to victims. The need to empower journalists from the developing world and remove the obstacles they face when covering cases of corruption is self-evident. Our goal is to harness the skills and experience of their peers and to impart it to others. This will be accomplished by Peer-to-Peer Media Forum: Covering Corruption with Integrity. Supported by the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DFID), the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Norway, the International Press Institute (IPI) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and coinciding with a global conference against corruption, this event will be held in Bali, Indonesia on 31 January 2008. More information (pdf) - forum agenda (pdf).

If you wish to attend, please contact:

Ms. Preeta Bannerjee
Public Information Officer
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Tel: +43 1 26060 5764
E-mail: preeta.bannerjee@unodc.org