Implementation Review Group of the United Nations Convention against Corruption

UNOV/UNODC goes paperless !!!

In furtherance of our efforts to "Green the UN" please note that pre-session documents will be printed in limited quantities. Each delegation will receive a single, complete set of the documents in the language (or languages) of its choice. Delegates can access these documents on the meetings website, as well

as from the VIC Online Services. Delegates wishing to have printed copies of these documents, are encouraged to bring their own copies.

8 th session of the Implementation Review Group (Vienna, 19-23 June 2017)

Document Symbol Topic EN FR SP RU AR CH
CU 2017/xx/(A) Generic note verbale (States Parties/Signatories)       - - -
  Information note for participants       - - -
CAC/COSP/IRG/2017/1 Annotated Agenda & Provisional organization of work of the 8 th session of the Implementation Review Group (Vienna, 19-23 June 2017)            
CAC/COSP/IRG/2017/2 Assessment of the Performance of the Mechanism            
CAC/COSP/IRG/2017/3 Note on successes, good practices, challenges, observations and technical assistance needs emanating from the country reviews for chapters III and IV            
CAC/COSP/IRG/2017/4 Financial and budgetary matters            
CAC/COSP/IRG/2017/5 Report of the eighth session of the Implementation Review Group (Vienna, 19-23 June 2017)            
CAC/COSP/IRG/2017/INF.1 Final list of participants   - - - - -
CAC/COSP/IRG/I/2/1/Add.37* Executive Summary: Cameroon ( All language versions reissued for technical reasons)  
CAC/COSP/IRG/I/3/1/Add.30 Executive Summary: Djibouti          
CAC/COSP/IRG/I/4/1/Add.49 Executive Summary: China            
CAC/COSP/IRG/I/4/1/Add.50 Executive Summary: Senegal
CAC/COSP/IRG/I/4/1/Add.51 Executive Summary: Ecuador
CAC/COSP/IRG/I/4/1/Add.52 Executive Summary: Cote d'Ivoire          

*Delegations are encouraged to bring to the meeting their laptops, if available, thus enabling the Secretariat to install the Comprehensive Self-Assessment Checklist for the United Nations Convention against Corruption.