United Nations Crime Congresses

The United Nations congresses on crime prevention and criminal justice are one of the main periodic conferences of the United Nations and play a major role in international standard-setting and policy-making in crime prevention and criminal justice. The congresses bring together policy-makers and practitioners in the area of crime prevention and criminal justice, as well as parliamentarians, individual experts from academia, representatives from civil society and the media.

The congresses have been held every five years since 1955 in different parts of the world and have contributed to shaping international and domestic policies and promoting novel thinking and approaches to complex issues at the heart of one of the key institutions of the modern state: the criminal justice system. Since its establishment in 1992, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice acts as the preparatory body of the congresses.

13th Congress: 2015, Qatar

2014 Regional Preparatory Meetings 

Asia and Pacific RPM (Bangkok, Thailand, 22-24 January 2014) Documents

Western Asia RPM (Doha, Qatar, 3-5 February 2014) Documents

Latin American and Caribbean RPM (San José, Costa Rica, 19-21 February 2014)  Documents

African RPM (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 9-11 April 2014)  Documents 

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