UNODC adressing HIV and AIDS

UNODC is a global leader in the struggle against illicit drugs and transnational organized crime. It is committed to achieving health, security and justice for all by tackling such global threats, and by delivering legal and technical assistance to prevent terrorism.

As a Cosponsor of the United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS), UNODC is the convening agency for addressing HIV prevention, treatment, care and support among:

  1. People who use drugs and
  2. People living and working in prison settings

More information on these thematic pillars of UNODC´s work on HIV and AIDS can be found here.

In partnership with national and international partners, including civil society organisations and other UNAIDS cosponsors, UNODC assists countries to achieve universal access to comprehensive, evidence-informed, public health-oriented and human rights-centered HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services for people who use drugs and for people who live and work in prison settings.

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Guidance notes on country

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS released guidance notes on HIV services country programming for:

People who inject drugs

People in prisons and other closed settings

Gay men and MSM

Transgender people

Human rights and the law

Reduction of discrimination and stigma 

HIV and social protection 







Workshop on Enhancing Partnerships Between Law Enforcement and Civil Society Organisations in the context of Drug Use and HIV

On 12th and 13 November 2014, UNODC conducted a two day workshop on "Enhancing Partnerships between Law Enforcement and Civil Society Organizations in the context of Drug Use and HIV" in Abuja, NIGERIA. The workshop aimed to sensitize law enforcement officials about harm reduction services in the context of HIV and at building the capacity of civil society organizations...

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