Information on past events

Intergovernmental expert group meeting on international challenges posed by the non-medical use of synthetic opioids

3-4 December 2018, Vienna


Opioid meeting report Report
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WHO-UNODC Report Fifth WHO-UNODC Expert Consultation on New Psychoactive Substances addressing the challenges of non-medical use of opioids (PDF; 1.2 MB) Report.

Presentations and Interventions

Drug Stigma and the Opioid Crisis: The Canadian Experience - Kirsten Mattison
Gords imagination story - A Recovery Tale - Video

Egypt's Presentation on Non Medical Use of Synthetic Opioids - Dr. Mahmoud Elhabiby

EU Intervention at the Intergovernmental expert group on the international challenge posed by the non-medical use of synthetic opioids

INCB Presentation on Synthetic Opioids

UNODC Presentation on Situational Update on the 2018 Trends - Martin Raithelhuber