Alternative development products

In partnerships with Governments and the private sector, UNODC facilitates the sale of alternative development products on national and international markets Products of alternative development are produced in due respect of human rights and the environment, and farmers are often organized in associations, which guarantees direct ownership of the main stakeholders. The processing and commercialization of the products in cooperation with the private sector is an important part of the strategy, as it generates added-value and thus income for the farmers.

Alternative development products comprise a variety of different products, inter alia, coffee, chocolate, tea, beans and palm hearts coffee, honey, coconuts, dairy products and gourmet sauces.

A selection of alternative development products:

Coffee is a traditional alternative development product in Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Colombia and Peru.

Coffee Tima is cultivated in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta of Colombia and sold locally.

The Oro Verde line of products from Peru includes coffee and chocolate which are sold locally and also exported.

Chocolate from Colombia and Peru (Anori and Oro Verde brands).

Green tea is cultivated in the regions of Lahu and Wa in Myanmar.

Beans and heart of palm from Colombia, and camu-camu from Peru.