The CRIMJUST Global program "Strengthening Criminal Investigation and criminal justice cooperation along drug trafficking routes" is implemented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Since its launch in 2016, CRIMJUST has strived to enhance law enforcement and judicial capacities and institutional integrity as well as to strengthen international cooperation to support the implementation of (inter)regional counter-narcotic strategies that go beyond interdiction activities.

CRIMJUST seeks to combat the flow of illicit drugs by enhancing law enforcement and judicial counter-narcotic strategies beyond interdiction activities and by fostering transnational responses targeting each stage of the drug supply chain. It focuses on drug trafficking connecting Latin America, the Caribbean and West Africa, promoting the implementation of multi-faceted strategies to disrupt the drug trade.

For more information for projects undertaken under the framework of CRIMJUST

1. Facilitation of the process of consolidation of the Criminal Justice System in Mexico

2. The Strengthening Program for the Security of Groups in Vulnerability Situation

3. UNODC Opioid Strategy

CRIMJUST is funded by the European Union (EU), the US Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and the government of Portugal.

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