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High-level Panel Discussion on the Use of Evaluation in Evidence-Based Policy Making

"Accountability and Learning - the Need for Results and Impact", 21 April 2015, Vienna.

Quotes from the opening remarks of the UNODC Executive Director:

"By supporting accountability and continuous improvement, evaluation can help us deliver on the promises of the UN Charter."

"Evaluation can also play a critical role in supporting the international community's efforts to build sustainable development."

"In short, evaluation can help us to provide clarity in a complex, inter-connected world."

Please click here for the full speech of the UNODC Executive Director



Evaluation Newsletter March 2015


IEU Evaluation Newsletter March 2015




New In-Depth Evaluations


Final In-Depth Evaluation of the Regional Progamme for South Eastern Europe (2012-2015) (May 2015)

Evaluation Report

Evaluation Brief

Mid-term In-Depth Evaluation of the Global Programme on "Strengthening the legal regime against Terrorism" (GLO/R35) (April 2015)

Evaluation Report

Evaluation Brief 

Mid-term In-Depth Evaluation of the Regional Programme for Afghanistan and Neighbouring Countries (2011-2015) (April 2015)

Evaluation Report



Mid-term In-depth Evaluation of the "Support to the work of the Conference of the Parties to the UNTOC Convention" (GLO/T60) (March 2015)

Evaluation Report

Evaluation Brief


Evaluation News in the United Nations

"Evidence Changes Lives: Realizing Evaluation's Potential to Inform the Global Sustainable Development Goals" (external link, please click for the full article)

"UN calls for better evaluation in the post-2015 development agenda" (please click here for the full article; external link: Full article)


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