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In line with the Special Message of 31 July 2014 ( please click here ), the participatory self-evaluation modality will no longer be an option for projects at UNODC.

From 01 July 2014 onwards, only two types of evaluation will exist at UNODC: Independent Project Evaluations and In-Depth Evaluations. Therefore, all new projects, even with an overall budget below USD 1,000,000, need to plan for and reserve sufficient funding for an Independent Project Evaluation.
In order to ensure a smooth transition, all PSEs, which have already been planned to take place in 2014 in line with previous consultation with IEU can be conducted until 31 December 2014.


Evaluation Newsletter - NEW

IEU Evaluation Newsletter from January to June 2014



New templates and guidelines

Terms of Reference Template; Inception Report Template; Evaluation Plan Template; Guidelines for Cluster Evaluations


New In-Depth Evaluation Reports

Final In-Depth Evaluation of the Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT; GLOS83) (June 2014)

Evaluation Report

In-depth Evaluation of the UNODC Global Programme on HIV/AIDS, 2008-2012 (April 2014)




In-depth Evaluation of the Country Programme Promoting the Rule of Law and Public Health in Pakistan (2010-2015), (April 2014)

Evaluation Report


New Evaluation Briefs

In-Depth Evaluation of the UNODC Global Programme on HIV/AIDS (2008-2012) (April 2014)

Evaluation Brief

Mid-term In-Depth Evaluation of the UNODC Country Programme Pakistan (April 2014) 

Evaluation Brief


Evaluation News in the United Nations

"UN calls for better evaluation in the post-2015 development agenda" (please click here for the full article; external link: Full article)


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