Evaluation Tools


Evaluation Tools

All evaluation tools on this website (i)  are in line with the Norms and Standards of the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) and (ii)  ensure a coherent approach in terms of evaluations across the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. See also Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Handbook.

Evaluation Criteria and plan

  Guidelines for Cluster Evaluations
  Evaluation Criteria Definitions and Sample Questions
  Evaluation Plan Template
  Evaluation Quality Criteria Checklist
  Evaluability Assessment Template
  Evaluation Handbook: Chapter I - Defining Core Concepts
  Evaluation Handbook: Chapter II - Planning an Evaluation at the Design Stage

Human Rights and Gender Equality

  Mainstreaming Human Rights and Gender Equality
  UNEG Guidance - Integrating Human Rights and Gender in Evaluations

Roles and Responsibilities

  Independent Project Evaluations - Flowchart
  In-depth Evaluations - Flowchart

Project/Programme Approval Process

  IOM on Evaluation in the Planning Process
  New project document template as of 14 Nov 2011
  Special Message: Approval Process - mandatory Consultation with IEU

Independent Project Evaluation

  Evaluation Handbook: Chapter III - Managing an Independent Project Evaluation

In-Depth Evaluation

  Evaluation Handbook: Chapter IV - Undertaking an In-depth Evaluation
  In-depth Evaluation Approach Paper

Evaluation Terms of Reference (ToR)

  Guidelines for Evaluation ToR
  Template for Evaluation ToR

Selection of evaluators

  Guidelines for Selection of Evaluators
  Evaluation Consultants Declaration of Interest

Inception Report

  Guidelines for Inception Report
  Template for Inception Report

Evaluation Report

  Guidelines for Evaluation Reports
  Template Report
  Typographic Styles
  UN Spelling
  Quality Assessment for Independent Project and In-Depth Evaluation Reports

Evaluation Follow-up 

  Evaluation Follow-up plan - Handbook
  Template Evaluation Follow-up Plan

Questionnaire to Project Managers

  Questionnaire to Project Managers after the end of the evaluation


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