Photo Gallery

  • Preventing smuggling of drug producing chemicals into Afghanistan
    1 June 2009 - The rapid increase in opium poppy cultivation observed in Afghanistan since 2001 has gone hand-in-hand with the emergence of the illicit production of heroin in the country. Because of this, on 12 and 13 May 2009, the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia and the Country Office in Afghanistan convened a High-Level Planning Session to launch Operation TARCET II, an anti-trafficking initiative to prevent the smuggling of chemicals into Afghanistan for use in the manufacture of heroin.
  • Streetfootball in Villa El Salvador, Peru
    Youngsters play football in the streets of Villa El Salvador. Peru's Sport and Life schools are helping to prevent drug use and delinquency.
  • Afghanistan: Lancing opium poppy
    Afghanistan: lancing an opium poppy capsule
  • Treatment centre Myanmar
    Drug treatment centre in Myanmar.
  • Myanmar: child of inmate playing in prison yard
    Rural prison, Myanmar: children are allowed to stay with their parents and participate in their daily routine. Photo: A. Scotti
  • Turkmenistan: heroin seizure
    Heroin seizure in Turkmenistan
  • Lebanon: Global Sport Fund youth camp
    Lebanon: Boys and girls play football at a Global Sport Fund youth camp
  • Prison Afghanistan
    UNODC is helping to raise standards in Afghanistan's prisons. Photo: Zalmai
  • Vocational training Bolivia
    Vocational training project in the coca bush growing area of Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Alternative Development Myanmar
    Alternative development: tea cultivation in Myanmar
  • Cocaine seizure, Guinea-Bissau. Photo: A. Scotti
    More than 600 kilos of intercepted cocaine, Guinea-Bissau
  • Opium paste Myanmar
    Making opium paste in Myanmar
  • Ghana: young boys releasing fish from fishing nets
    Lake Volta, Ghana: the internal trafficking of children for cheap labour is one of the biggest challenges.
  • Drug abuse prevention Viet Nam
    Viet Nam: Families of recovering drug users receive information on preventing relapses
  • Drug treatment, Afghanistan
    Drug treatment, Afghanistan
  • Myanmar - weaving bags
    Weaving bags as an alternative to opium cultivation in Myanmar
  • Mubarak-Plassnik
    Egyptian First Lady Suzanne Mubarak and Austrian Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, which took place from 13-15 February
  • Journey - Vienna Forum
    Image from the "Journey" art installation, on display in conjunction with the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking
  • UN.GIFT poster
    The city gears up for the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking which will take place from February 13-15
  • Coffee peru
    Coffee produced by Peruvian farmers under UNODC-supported alternative development projects
  • Afghan soldiers at the border to Tajikistan
    Afghanistan, border with Tajikistan: soldiers preparing for counter-narcotics operations. Photo: A. Scotti
  • Seized precursor chemicals, Brazil
    Brazil: Seizure of precursor chemicals, used to make illegal drugs
  • Akha people in Laos
    Akha people in Laos, where UNODC runs alternative development projects.
  • Ghana: young boys pulling in fishing nets
    Lake Volta, Ghana: children represent cheap labour
  • Opium smoker, Afghanistan
    Opium smokers in Afghanistan. Photo: UNODC Afghanistan/Zalmai
  • Needlepark in Vietnam
    Drug use in a needlepark, Vietnam
  • Drying coca leaves
    Bolivia: drying coca leaves in the streets
  • Cultivating orchids
    Alternative development: cultivating orchids for medical purposes, Laos
  • Infant in Colombian Prison
    In Colombian prisons, infants live with their mothers
  • Heroin seizure
    Heroin seizure at the border between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan
  • Myanmar, children
    Myanmar: the girl has been caring for her brothers ever since their heroin-addicted parents abandoned them.
  • Pakistan: lancing opium poppy
    Pakistan: lancing opium poppy
  • Beneficiary of agro-forestry project, Colombia
    Alternative development: beneficiary of agro-forestry project, Colombia
  • Law enforcement training, Afghanistan
    Afghanistan: Law-enforcement officers in training
  • Crop Monitoring Colombia
    Inside the cockpit during a crop-monitoring flight
  • Global Sport Fund: girl playing football
    Global Sport Fund youth camp in Jounieh, Lebanon
  • Opium poppy field Afghanistan
    Opium poppy field in Afghanistan. Photo: UNODC Afghanistan/Zalmai
  • Joint Patrol on Mekong River
    Mekong River: joint patrol of the Lao-Thai border liaison office
  • Prison Johannesburg
    Reducing drug abuse in prisons: Leeuwkop prison, South Africa
  • Morocco: boy with cannabis plant
    Boy with cannabis plant, Morocco
  • Tai Chi at treatment centre, Vietnam
    Recovering drug users practise Tai Chi at a treatment centre in Vietnam.
  • Afghan women smoking opium. Photo: UNODC Afghanistan/Zalmai
    Afghan women smoking opium. Photo: UNODC Afghanistan/Zalmai
  • child trafficking ghana
    Lake Volta, Ghana: children represent cheap labour
  • Street children in Pakistan
    Street children in Pakistan