The police are entrusted with a diverse set of tasks to maintain peace and security and the rule of law. UNODC assists Member States by training police officers with a focus on human rights principles. Where the community is fully engaged in and consulted on the delivery of police services, many benefits accrue, such as; the strengthening of public confidence in the authorities, improved compliance with the rule of law, and lower crime rates. The below listed tools and services seek to provide practitioners, including government officials, police, municipal planners and members of civic groups, especially in low and middle-income countries, with a basic conceptual grounding in democratic and community policing, and guidelines on good practices so that they can successfully undertake policing in the urban contexts in which they operate.


Tools and Services

Introductory Handbook on Policing Urban Space

Training Manual on Policing Urban Space

Interview and Search of Persons e-learning courses

Controlled Deliveries e-learning courses

Investigating Drug Organised Crime e-learning courses

Clandestine Laboratories and Precursor Control e-learning courses

Crime Scene Investigation e-learning courses

Introduction and Application of Intelligence e-learning courses

Intelligence Analysis e-learning courses

Application of Human Rights by Law Enforcement Officers e-learning courses

Security Document Examination e-learning courses

Drug Identification and Testing e-learning courses

Investigating Sexual Exploitation of Children for Frontline Officials e-learning courses

Investigating Sexual Exploitation of Children for Specialist Investigators e-learning courses

Handbook on Police Accountability, Oversight and Integrity

Resource Book on the Use of Force and Firearms in Law Enforcement

Handbook on Effective Police Responses to Violence against Women

Training Curriculum on Effective Police Responses to Violence against Women

Handbook on Identity-related Crime

Resource Guide on Good Practices in the Investigation of Match-Fixing

Criminal Intelligence Manual for Analysts

Criminal Intelligence Manual for Front-line Law Enforcement

Criminal Intelligence Manual for Managers

Training Manual for Law Enforcement Officials on HIV Service Provision for People who Inject Drugs

Practical Guide for Civil Society HIV Service Providers among People who Use Drugs: Improving Cooperation and Interaction with Law Enforcement Officials