Together we can promote integrity, stop criminals from exploiting sport for illicit gain and harness the power of sport as a force for development and peace.

Yury Fedotov,
UNODC Executive Director


Significant risks of corruption and criminality have accompanied the dramatic evolution of sports over the last decade, resulting in activities designed to exploit the above for illicit and often illegal gain. At the national level, while States, sports organizations and associated stakeholders have attempted to assess, mitigate and tackle these risks, often in a reactive manner.

The main reasons for this are limited or non-existent domestic legislation, inadequate coordination and cooperation between relevant stakeholders such as sports governing bodies, law enforcement and private sectors, the complexity of illicit and illegal activities linked to sports, as well as the lack of resources devoted to address these issues represent significant obstacles and the potential for high profits for criminals. In addition, awareness about the role played by organized crime in sports by investigators and other officials is limited, and the issue is often not prioritized by law enforcement authorities and sports organizations.

As these threats have been identified and publicised, there is growing recognition that more efforts need to be undertaken and resources devoted to tackle them effectively. While many national initiatives are underway, there is also a realisation that many of the most profitable illicit and illegal activities involve a strong international dimension. Taking this into consideration, States, sports organizations and related stakeholders are looking to use and enhance international frameworks to support address these risks.

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