UNODC supports lawyers of the Central African Republic’s Special Criminal Court

Calls for applications were launched on 6 March 2020 to join the Corps special d’avocats of the Special Criminal Court, established in 2015 in Bangui in response to the inter-communal confrontations and mass violence that have taken place in the Central African Republic since 2003. This Court is hybrid: it is composed of both national and international magistrates and lawyers. Read more

Improving Access to Legal Aid for Women in West Africa

UNODC and UN Women targeted Liberia, Senegal and Sierra Leone to launch a project to improve women's access to gender-sensitive legal aid in West Africa. Following the 2016 Global Study on Legal Aid and a country-specific needs analysis conducted in 2018, national training-of-trainers workshops were held in July 2019 in Sierra Leone, in September in Senegal and in December in Liberia. Read more

UNODC encourages cooperation between criminal justice and DSF in Liptako Gourma

A forum for exchanges between the Defence and Security Forces and the actors of the penal chain of the Liptako Gourma, a cross-border region between Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, mobilized 54 participants in Tillaberry (Niger) from 22 to 23 January 2020. Organized by UNODC, the forum aimed at improving complementarity and collaboration among security and justice actors in the region. Read more










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