Activities from July to December 2015 

First Mobile eLearning Unit delivered in Africa

The UNODC Regional Office for West and Central Africa (ROSEN), in collaboration with the Global eLearning Programme, delivered the first Mobile eLearning Unit in Africa. The equipment was handed over to the Liberian Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) on 8 December 2015, along with a specialized training session on their use. Read more

UNODC urges parliaments in the region to invest in anti-corruption

On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, which, every 9 December, celebrates the anniversary of the United Nations Convention against Corruption adopted in 2004, the UNODC Regional Representative for West and Central Africa, Mr. Pierre Lapaque, issued a statement urging parliaments in West and Central Africa to invest in anti-corruption. Read more

WACI: Fighting drug trafficking and transnational organized crime in West Africa


To address the multitude of issues related to Transnational Organized Crime in the region, the West Africa Coast Initiative (WACI) implementing partners organized the third Programme Advisory Committee meeting on 23 November 2015, in Bissau, bringing together several representatives from international, regional and national institutions. Read more

The G5 Sahel and the international community unite against crime and terrorism

From 18 to 20 November 2015, the G5 Heads of State Summit was held in N'Djamena, Chad. Bringing together Heads of State of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger, as well as many partners and experts from around the world, the meeting resulted in, among others, the launch of the institution's Security Cooperation Platform. Read more

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: Learning from the Seychellois prosecution model


Several representatives working in the legal systems of Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe and Togo met in Victoria, Seychelles from 19 to 20 October 2015 to compare their institutional frameworks and learn lessons from the Seychellois system, which has successfully implemented a piracy prosecution model, serving as an example in the matter. Read more

Police forces of Sahel States commit to the fight against corruption


UNODC organized a regional workshop focused on the police and the fight against corruption in the Sahel in Niamey, Niger, on 13 and 14 October 2015, in order to strengthen national and regional cooperation between the different authorities charged with leading the fight against the crime and increasing integrity within the respective police forces. Read more

Updated criminal code in Gabon legislates against piracy and maritime crime


A UNODC coordination meeting brought together judges, prosecutors and legal experts from West Africa to examine the legal challenges facing Benin, Gabon, Nigeria and Togo in their struggles against maritime crime. The event, held in Libreville from 6 to 8 October 2015, saw the adoption of a new Criminal Code by Gabon that legislates against maritime crime. Read more

UNODC promotes security cooperation between G5 Sahel States


On the 6 and 7 October 2015, UNODC experts and representatives from G5 Sahel States met in Bamako in the context of a workshop regarding the creation of institutional cooperation mechanisms in the field of security. The event aimed at finalizing the legal framework governing both the functioning and organization of said mechanisms. Read more

UNODC assists Sahel States to counter foreign terrorist fighters


In order to examine the legal and operational frameworks with regard to the fight against foreign terrorist fighters, UNODC organized a conference in Dakar, Senegal between 29 September and 1 October 2015. The workshop brought together representatives from Sahel countries and experts from regional, national and international organizations. Read more

UNODC efforts improve drug field testing capacity and regional cooperation


From 30 September to 1 October 2015, front line law enforcement officers combating illicit drug trafficking in West Africa have been trained and equipped to identify illicit drugs and their precursors using UNODC field test kits. The event, held in Accra, Ghana, brought together 45 law enforcement officers from 13 countries across the region. Read more

170 kg of drugs seized during an AIRCOP joint operation


An operation targeting drug trafficking from Latin America to Europe via Africa has resulted in the seizure of nearly 170 kilogrammes of drugs worth an estimated EUR 10 million, as well as gold coins and stolen credit cards. This joint AIRCOP operation involved Interpol, Europol and the World Customs Organization, as well as multiple international airports. Read more

Specialized training for Mali and Niger against migrant smuggling and human trafficking


UNODC organized two successive training sessions in Bamako from 14-18 September 2015, and Niamey from 28 September to 02 October 2015, bringing together 40 instructors from the two countries' police academies and gendarmeries. These specialized sessions aimed to strengthen the participants' capacities to fight migrant smuggling and human trafficking. Read more

CCP supports the implementation of a Joint Port Control Unit in Mali


UNODC organized a workshop in Bamako, Mali from 7-18 September 2015. This training represented the first step towards the implementation of the CCP, and provided to twenty participants from Mali's law enforcement agencies the opportunity to take advantage of targeting techniques used in the fight against illicit traffic of goods via containers.  Read more

Enhancing container controls at ports to fight wildlife crimes


UNODC organized a workshop in Accra, Ghana, from 25 to 27 August 2015 and in Dakar, Senegal, from 31 August to 2 September 2015. With the objective of providing training for national law enforcement agencies to better fight wildlife crime through the control of maritime containers, this activity was led by experts from UNODC and its partners.  Read more

UNODC works with Central Africa in combating wildlife and forest crime


Recognizing the growing commitment to tackle illegal trafficking of wildlife and timber, UNODC's Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime organized the first regional workshop of Central African States on strengthening border controls to address illicit wildlife and forest crime, in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, from 31 August to 2 September 2015.  Read more

CCP Women's Network highlights West Africa as an example

On 25 August 2015, the UNODC- WCO Container Control Programme met in Vienna, Austria, to launch its new Women's Network initiative. This meeting gathered women working in the Programme and allowed them to discuss how to operationalize the Women's Network within the scope of UNODC's effort towards gender equality and woman empowerment.  Read more

UNODC presents legal aid strategy in Mali

UNODC, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice of Mali, organized a validation meeting of the national legal aid strategy. The objective of the meeting, which took place on 26 and 27 August 2015 in Bamako, was to present stakeholders the objectives, the content and the ways of implementation of the strategy. UNODC is committed to increasing the access to justice in the Sahel countries. Read more

Launch of UNODC Regional Strategy against human trafficking and migrant smuggling

UNODC has developed a holistic Regional Strategy covering twenty-two West and Central African countries to meet the challenges raised by trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants. The Strategy was launched on 25 August in Dakar, Senegal, with the participation of various partners including ECOWAS, ECCAS and civil society. Read more

Burkina Faso aims to strengthen its national anti-corruption institution

Two workshops were held on 6-7 July and 17-18 August 2015 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, to amend the texts governing its main anti-corruption institution. The main objective was to update and validate the constitution of the " Autorité Supérieure de Contrôle d'Etat" in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness in Burkina Faso's fight against corruption. Read More

UNODC convenes West African legal experts to confront maritime crime

Two meetings organised by the UNODC on 16 and 28-30 July brought together legal officials from five countries in West Africa to confront the legal challenges posed by piracy and maritime crime in the region. Representatives from France and the European Union attended the coordination meetings in Nigeria and Togo, which were financed by the United States. Read More

UNODC trains Malian criminal justice officials on the treatment of victims and witnesses

To support the efforts of the Sahel countries to improve the treatment of victims and witnesses, UNODC is carrying out national trainings in each country of the region. The first country to benefit from this initiative was Mali, where UNODC trained 38 criminal justice officials from 4 to 6 August 2015. Participants were representing the police, the gendarmerie and judges.  Read More

Mali assesses its national anti-corruption legislation

While Mali ratified the United Nations Convention against Corruption on 18 April 2008, its self-assessment, delayed by armed conflicts, took place between 28-31 July 2015 during a workshop supported by UNODC. Among those present were the Minister of Labour of Mali, Ms Diarra Raky Talla, and the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Mr Mahamadou Diarra. Read More

UNODC workshop in Lomé reinforces the fight against maritime crime

As part of its Global Maritime Crime Programme, UNODC organized a workshop in Lomé, Togo, on 6-9 July 2015. The workshop brought together judges and prosecutors from West Africa and focused on improving legal reform in regard to maritime crime. Among those present during the inauguration ceremony was the Minister of Justice of Togo. Read More

West and Central African journalists meet to establish CENOZO

On 8-9 July 2015, UNODC brought together eighteen journalists from West and Central Africa to formally establish the Norbert Zongo Cell for Investigative Journalism in West Africa. CENOZO will aim to actively promote investigative journalism in West Africa on topics such as corruption, organized crime, bad governance, and violations of human rights. Read More

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