Mauritania. UNODC reinforce capacity for actors of traditional justice

UNODC program office in Nouakchott contributes to access to justice by building the capacities of Mouslihs (traditional mediators in remote area of Mauritania in the western part of the Sahel, where the formal justice system is totally absent.

From Juneā€¦to twelve Mouslihs (traditional conciliators in Mauritania) were trained in alternative dispute settlement techniques, and the national legal framework applicable to the area. The participants were equipped with skills and knowledge to better deliver justice in civil matters, including dispute relating to family affairs, property, and access to resources, in local communities, in the remote areas of the west Africa large country sharing Sahara desert with Morocco, Algeria and Mali with the entire administration concentrated in Nouakchott, the capital city.

The capacity building undertaken by UNODC is aimed at using Mauritania's traditional settlement to make criminal justice available for the majority of citizen in the framework of the UN assistance to establish sustainable justice in the country. Mouslihs from conflict prone rural areas were trained in . The Mouslihs welcome programme wihich, they said provided with skills and knowledge to more efficiently play their critical role as social mediators. The training is a UN joint programme on conflict prevention and social cohesion, that is being implemented by several UN agencies: UNFPA, UNDP, UNICEF and UNODC, with financial support of Spain. Some tree hundred (300) women paralegals are expected to benefit from the tutorial program.