Following adoption of a Regional action plan for the entire West Africa subregion in December 2008, each member state develops its National integrated Programme (NPI). Currently the regional assist in implementing NIP in Mali, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone, Togo, Ghana, Burkina-Faso.

The organizational Chart of the Regional Office for West and Central Africa is restructured in order to enable enhanced operational capability and to absorb effectively and efficiently a continued extension of UNODC portfolio in the region

In addition, Regional Advisors maintain contacts at senior level with national administrations and relevant international organizations present in the region. They provide strategic advice to the Regional Representative and monitor trends in their respective fields. They are also in charge of implementing the Sub-Programmes as well as conducting the monitoring and evaluation of UNODC activities in the region, in collaboration with the Programme Offices Coordinator .

In this regard, faced by increased demand from West Africa countries to provide support in countering rising drug abuse linked to the transit of important quantities of cocaine and other illicit substances, UNODC initiate the some National Programme Offices. These offices are in charge of implementing UNODC support to Nationa Integrated Programmes and they resort to Regional office in-house expertise whenever circumstances require. A Programme Offices Coordinator who reports to the UNODC Regional Representative is based in Dakar to ensure quality control, monitoring and an effective coordinated approach among the various Programme Offices. 

To strengthen this monitoring system, and in line with ROSEN strategic development and positioning, the Programme Offices Coordinator follows activities of the Programme Offices supporting the implementation of National Integrated Programmes and ensures cross-feeding among the field offices; He monitors progress and evaluate the impact of all the initiatives put in place by these Offices;

In Nigeria, UNODC operations are the responsibility of a Country Representative helped by the Country Office of Nigeria (CONIG).