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January 2019 – Taiwan (Province of China): Ketamine most prominent substance among NPS detected

TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan (Province of China) - January 2019: The Food and Drug Administration Taiwan (Province of China) recently published data on NPS for the period of October 2008-2018, whereas ketamine was the substance most frequently detected among all seized NPS listed. In total, reportedly ketamine was detected 216,195 times in seizures [1] within the ten-year period, followed by mephedrone with 59,401 detections and methylone (bk-MDMA) with 33,432 detections. Below, the table indicates an overview of the top nine detected substances among all NPS seizures in Taiwan (Province of China).


Table: New psychoactive substance cases in Taiwan (Province of China) 10/2008-10/2018

Source: Food and Drug Administration Taiwan (Province of China).

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[1] Detection of substances in seizure cases do not imply an exclusivity of a single substance found. In case mixed substances were found, as for instance ketamine and mephedrone, each of them are counted as a detection.


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