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September 2018 – UNODC-SMART: Health harms caused by growing methamphetamine market might be greatly underestimated - SMART Update 20

VIENNA, Austria – September 2018: The current issue provides insight into the dynamics of the rapidly expanding methamphetamine market by analysing the key trends and drivers of the methamphetamine market. From a market when manufacture was concentrated in specific subregions, it has evolved to a market with global trafficking flows and global seizure quantities growing more than 6 times since 2008. Despite an increasing number of reports on harms and deaths relating to methamphetamine use, the extent of the threat might nevertheless be greatly underestimated. Methamphetamine is often used in combination with other substances, which poses a significant challenge in determining the spread of methamphetamine use and in associating methamphetamine use to treatment cases and fatalities.

For more information, please see:

Global SMART Update Volume 20 “Methamphetamine continues to dominate synthetic drug markets

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